ACH130 Aston Martin Edition Helicopter Debuts at Singapore Airshow

ACH130 Aston Martin Edition from Airbus Corporate Helicopters is making its first appearance at the Singapore Airshow!

The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition is the product of a highly fruitful collaboration featuring a range of interior and exterior designs created by Aston Martin and applied by skilled craftspeople at Airbus Helicopters, delighting helicopter owners and pilots who appreciate the pleasures of possessing and driving high-performance bespoke luxury sports cars.

ACH130 Aston Martin Edition

ACH in Japan | Photo: JP Thor

This exclusive edition, launched four years ago and initially limited to 15 units, has been extended to 15 more units due to its market success. Orders have come from across the world, including Australia, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand, North America, and Southeast Asia.
The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition was last year refreshed with a new range of eye-catching liveries and cabin interiors reflecting the latest thinking of Aston Martin’s design team applied to its ultra-luxury sports cars.

The helicopter on display belongs to tech entrepreneur John-Paul Thorbjornsen (JP), who piloted a remarkable 10,000-nautical mile journey across 21 countries in 41 days to deliver his helicopter from the UK to its new home in Australia.

At the show, he revealed that he has now also ordered an Airbus ACH125 and is planning a second extraordinary voyage – this time taking the new helicopter and the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition together, flying some 30,000 nm around the world via both the North and South Pole.

Today, JP has flown more than 500 flight hours with the lean and agile ACH130 Aston Martin Edition. Presenting it at the Singapore Airshow, JP said he set his sights on the seven-seater ACH130 as soon as it was introduced to him.

“I’ve always loved flying and was looking for a reliable and powerful helicopter that could safely fly my family and friends around,” said JP. “I was impressed by the performance and comfort of the ACH130. I am also convinced that this Aston Martin Edition is the most attractive private helicopter on the market, combining Airbus’ engineering excellence and Aston Martin’s craftsmanship.”