Aaron Carter rocks Manila with Love album tour

I still want candy!

After 16 years, Aaron Carter is back and he is rocking it. The famous 90s singer has just released his latest album, Love, and he’s now busy on his world tour. This week’s stop? Manila.

The night began with vocals from Claudia Baretto and songs from her self-titled EP.

Jayda Avanzado followed this up with an energetic performance of songs from her EP entitled “In My Room.”

Sufficiently pumped up, the crowd was ready and roaring for Aaron Carter. Of course his first song was the new remix of his 2000 hit I Want Candy. The same song can be found in his newest album.

He serenaded the crowds with nostalgic hits like Im All About You, Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), Bounce, To All The Girls, and I’m All About You. Here are some short clips from the concert:

Of course, he also performed music from Love.

The crowd was wowed by songs like Fools Gold, Sooner or Later, Dearly Departed, and Seattle Tidez.

During the concert, Aaron emphasizes the fact that he was really playing the music onstage, himself. He tells the story of how he studied music for 10 years which is why Love is wholly written, produced, and performed by none other than himself.

Onstage, Aaron tells the story of how he wanted to release an album but no record label would sign him anymore. So, he continues, he released Fools Gold as a single himself. That soon paid off with labels coming round and asking him to sign with him eventually ending up under Sony. “The moral of the story,” he tells the screaming crowd, ” is to never give up.”

The night ended with Aaron disclosing that he is, indeed, working on a follow up to Love with will be an instrumental music album. He played an unreleased track entitled Cashmere to fans screaming for more.

And just like that the concert was over.

If there’s anything that this concert has proved, it’s that Aaron’s party is still happening, and people are still coming to get it after all these years.


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