A-Team Increases The Volume : The Demo Vol. 2

When in Manila, Do you still remember A-team‘s FIRST DEMO? It was indeed one heck of a demo to remember, yet sad to say it has been ousted by another. The good news is, the team that tops that performance is the same team.

“Sometimes, the only one you have to beat is yourself” This year, A-Team is indeed harder, better, faster and STRONGER than they were last year. (Emphasis on the last one.) Therefore this year’s “The Demo” is amplified to its fullest volume. 



A-Team never fails to fill up their events. Full house as always!



What is the purpose of this concert?

A-Team will represent our country yet again in this year’s World Hip Hop International dance championship. They placed 4th in the varsity division last year and hopefully they bag the Gold this year! The Demo Vol. 2 is a showcase of their hard work, including their piece for the competition. 



A-Team has more members now and thus more talent to bring on stage. 



Angelica Arda and MJ Arda, the coaches of A-Team



(L-R) Claret’s Hataw, St. Paul Pasig’s Terpsichore, DLSU’s LSDC-Street and Philippine Allstars share the stage with A-Team as their guests.



Last Summer A-Team had an intense 2-week long workshop for aspiring Hip Hop dancers. This performance is the fruit of their labor.  



Most benefit dance concerts have more performances from the guests and the featured dance crew only performs twice  (opening and finale/their piece). What I love about watching A-Team concerts is that they always perform at least 5 times on stage. The performances from the guests and from A-team are balanced and you get your money’s worth. 



What do you expect from a tribute-to-Beyonce dance? Sexiness, of course. 



A fresh number from A-Team.



 A-Team definitely knows how to battle. 


Of course a notable guest performance is one from UP Street. FYI, A-Team‘s coaches are from this group and both teams now deliver intense dances every time the perform.

UP street, A-Team and the rest of the crews representing our country are creating a legacy in the international dance community. Let’s support our country’s Hip Hop dance community!



UP Streetdance


Finally, the most awaited dance performance of the night…



…the demo of  A-Team‘s Worlds piece.


A-Team definitely knows how to bring it! Their piece is jaw-dropping as always. It’s packed with new styles, intricate choreography and blocking plus a new flavor and attitude. Their piece is squeaky clean and each step is in sync. Go A-Team!




A-Team ‘s varsity team bringing it. 





The members of A-Team


Slide11Best wishes to A-Team as they brave the Hip Hop International Battle in Las Vegas this coming August. Our hearts go out to you.


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Thank you Alexa Cancio and Niel Ong for the photos.




A-Team Increases The Volume : The Demo Vol. 2