A Student’s Life through Transformative Teaching Technologies

Written by Moireen Espinosa | Graphics by Clarence Abiera

Working and studying at the same time can take its toll on time management; not mentioning the demands of traffic going to the physical classrooms. Though introduced during the late 1990s, LMS or Learning Management Systems – is still considered an emerging concept from the e-Learning System.

Below are the quotable quotes that inspired me more as an educator and a student – a life long learner at that – that education – may it be online, offline or a combination of both – are mediums geared towards a brighter future.

On Transformative Learning

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On the System Shift

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“In yahoo groups, everything gets lost…we have to have an “on promise” so we don’t repeat content.” – Mr. Jojo Castillo (APC)

“It is different from what we have now. They looked for something – an open source. It started with everyone being administrators. Now, the system moved from computer science to an office that aligned for information systems of the University (Loyola Schools) for standards and policies.” – Ms. Sandra A. Lovenia (ADMU)

On Using Portable Moodle in the Philippine Setting

“There are issues in the accessibility and utilization. In a class of 40 students, only 15 have flash drives. An insight from a teacher that says that yes it is very expensive for students in our area to buy a USB. So, we then customized Moodle in a USB with content catered to both the teachers and the students.” – Dave Marcial, Dean ITE (Siliman University)

On the Role of the Local Open Source Community in Moodle Development

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“Filipino Moodle Development includes establishing the communication channel, setting the governance, understanding the role of constructive criticism, and getting to know the people behind the online names.” – Mr. Robert “Bob” Reyes, Representative of Mozilla Philippines