A Polly Pocket Film Is Coming Soon Starring Lily Collins

Are you one of the 90s kids who love Polly Pockets? Apparently, Lily Collins is too! In a recent Instagram post, she expressed her fondness for the iconic toy while announcing very exciting news. She wrote:

As a child who was obsessed with Polly Pockets, it’s a real dream come true to announce this project! I am partnering with the most inspiring powerhouse team — Robbie Brenner, @lenadunham@mattel, and @mgmstudios — to reintroduce Polly to the world in a fun, modern way… bringing these tiny toys to the big screen. Truly so excited to be coming on as both a producer and Polly herself! Can’t wait to dive into this pastel world…

That’s right, Polly Pocket is hitting the big screen with the Emily in Paris star as the producer and Polly herself! According to toy company Mattel’s website, Polly Pocket is a clever and curious inventor who is always on the lookout for adventure. Unlike the first three Polly Pocket animated films, the upcoming movie will be live-action directed by Lena Dunham.


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There have also been TV adaptations over the years. In fact, a Polly Pocket animated series is currently available on YouTube and Netflix Philippines! The story follows Polly as she set out on adventures with her friends after inheriting a locket that allows her to shrink.
We are super excited!
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