A Palanca Award-Winning Screenplay Will be Adapted into a Film!

A Palanca Award-Winning Screenplay Will be Adapted into a Film!

Filipino films sure are stepping up. There was the much-loved Heneral Luna, the incredible lineup of films at the recently-held Metro Manila Film Festival, and the twisted Bliss, which managed to last a week at cinemas and was extended in some. Now there’s another film we’re looking forward to, and it’s a Palanca Award-winning screenplay!

The film is called Deadma Walking, a comedy about a gay man with a terminal illness who fakes his own death to see how his friends and family would react.

It will be directed by Julius Alfonso, with a screenplay by Eric Cabahug, which won second prize at last year’s Palancas in the Screenplay category.

The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature is an award-giving body that recognizes the best works from writers, poets, playwrights, and screenwriters.

Antoinette Jadaone’s That Thing Called Tadhana is also a Palanca winner in the same category.

The film will star Edgar Allan Guzman as the lead character who fakes his own death, and Joross Gamboa as his closeted best friend.

It sounds similar to last year’s Die Beautiful, which follows the death of Trisha Echevarria, a gay man who joins beauty pageants. Unlike Deadma Walking, the lead character in Die Beautiful actually dies. However, Cabahug revealed that he started writing Deadma Walking in 2014, two years before the popular film.

Deadma Walking is expected to be part of this year’s MMFF, which will begin on December 25, 2017.

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