Have a Script or Film? Here’s How to Submit for MMFF 2017

The Metro Manila Film Festival calls for submission of entries for 2017.

If you have a script or finished film, you can submit for MMFF 2017. Unlike in 2016 when they only allowed finished films to join, this year, scripts can also serve as entries. This announcement was made via Facebook.

A new rule for submission include:

“Based on the stated objectives of the 2017 MMFF to pursue both artistic excellence and audience appeal that can equate to more benefits to its target industry beneficiaries, it has been resolved that there will be two ways of entering this year’s MMFF for full-length feature.”

The announcement also said that four (4) entries will be from the script submissions and four (4) from the finished film submissions. Hence, a total of eight (8) films to be screened at the festival.

Here’s the full announcement:

If you’ll be submitting, send all requirements to the MMFF Secretariat Office at the 3rd Floor MMDA Auditorium Building, Orense Street, EDSA Corner Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City.

Will you be joining?