A No-photoshop-life with handy Kodak M552

When In Manila you’ll always find a ‘candid’ staple to carry around.  I’m a wedding photographer by profession.  Which means, most of the week I’m lugging around 7 lbs or more of cameras & equipment, for at least 8 hours. That pretty much makes my right arm a little bigger compared to my left one. How ladylike.


And now with DSLRs made more affordable, quite a lot are sporting those bulky camera bags just to get good pictures.  Its good for those photography-career days but has its downsides if you just want to go out and have fun.  But hey, they say beauty has its price. Even if its taking beautiful pictures.


So my friends call for a night out, and the last thing I would want is fumbling with a bulky piece of equipment while dancing or singing videoke.  I’d rather focus on the fun, which is why I brought along a tiny little piece of genius called the Kodak Easyshare M552.


It’s so simple, its point and shoot.  Small, sleek, the usual stuff.  But what really caught me were its Film Format modes.  Ektachrome. Kodakchrome…


Ekek-duh? Jargon? Not so long ago, before the digital era came into existence, instead of photoshop, there was film. Each film you loaded on your camera gave a certain effect. Nowadays to get the effect, most of the time you would have to resort to photoshop.


But now, I get it right away on my point and shoot. Went to the beach just recently to shoot a prenup & tried if this camera could really deliver.


Film Format : Kodacolor (Nostalgic color)


Film Format : Ektachrome (Vibrant Saturated Color)

Film Format : Kodachrome (Bright natural color)


Film Format : T-Max (Lustrous tone and fine grain)


Film Format : Tri-X (Dramatic contrast and grain)


Film Format : Sepia (Vintage reddish brown tint)

What can I say, I was impressed. So I tried a little more.


How could I not play around with the panorama mode :


And then I took it to the parties. I’m a fan of vintage. So I could always get that slightly desaturated look right away.



Or bright colors for nature & landscape.

It so easy (that’s why its called Kodak Easyshare) I just shoot & post on facebook!


Its so flexible it can even mimic a photobooth.

Now that was fun!

Comes with 5x optical zoom & video function. Also tried the prints. Came out AMAZING. For only P7,995 with case & 2 GB SD card.  Nothing beats this point & shoot camera as a staple in your bag. Available in Kodak Express SM Dept Store branches.


Unless you want your arms to go all macho with the camera bulk & take forever with the DSLR settings — there are times when all you have to capture are the moments.


Happy shooting when in Manila!

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