“A Good Day to be a Dog” Cast Members Answer Our Dog-Related Questions

Have you been watching A Good Day to be a Dog on Viu?

Based on a webtoon, A Good Day to be a Dog is basically about a woman who is cursed to transform into a dog whenever she kisses someone. Fortunately, there is a man who can break the curse… except he’s afraid of dogs.

Intrigued yet? As massive dog lovers ourselves, we got to interview the cast members of A Good Day to be a Dog recently – and of course, we made sure our questions are all dog-related. Para fun. :p

A Good Day to be a Dog Interview

Photo from STBC News

First and foremost, all cards on the table, we needed to know if the cast members are actually dog people in real life. The verdict? Lee Hyun-woo, who plays Lee Bo-gyeom in the series, is 100% a dog person. “I do like cats as well, but I’ve had dogs for a long time, and I really love dogs,” he adds. In case you didn’t know, Hyun-woo actually has a poodle and a beagle, who he raises with his family.


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Park Gyu-young, who plays the role of Han Hae-na in the show, admits that she actually finds cats a bit more adorable because of their charming personalities. “Cats seem to enjoy their alone time, but at the same time, they occasionally come to show some affection and cuteness,” she explains.

Cha Eun-woo, who plays the role of Jin Seo-won in the series, seems to be a bit on the fence. “I like both,” he says, “but since our title is related to dogs, I’ll choose to be a dog lover this time.”


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Eun-woo also admits that he has thought about being a dog at least once. “I’m curious about how the world and people look from a dog’s perspective compared to how we see it,” he explains. Gyu-young, on the other hand, finds the thought of becoming a dog worrying. “Just like the lines in the script, I wonder if the world would become more than 10 times bigger if I were to become a dog: having to walk 10 times more, and so on. It seems a bit challenging,” she laughs.

Hyun-woo admits he has thought about wanting to be a dog at least once because he always wonders what dogs are thinking when he’s raising one. “Are they craving snacks? Are they sleeping because they’re tired? Or are they sleeping because they’re bored? These kinds of thoughts occasionally cross my mind,” he shares. “So if I were to live a day as a dog, I wouldn’t do anything special. Instead, I’d want to experience and understand what dogs think as I live according to their routines.”

Watch the trailer of A Good Day to be a Dog here:


New episodes of A Good Day to Be a Dog are released on Viu every Wednesday.

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