A Call to Save the Earth — An intimate gathering of 2019’s Ms. Earth Candidates

Words by: Nicole Teng
Photos by: Alyssa Gabrielle Chen

Miss Earth, an annual beauty pageant to spread awareness about the environment, is back again this year with the theme “Flower Power” and will be held on October 26, 2019, in Okada, Manila!

Last Saturday, on the 5th of October of 2019, 25 of 2019’s Miss Earth Candidates dressed in their ever-so dazzling attire, gathered at The Empress Dining Palace in BGC to have an eco-tour and an intimate dinner with the other candidates.

Miss Earth 2019 Dinner 1

“Are you breathing? Thank a Tree” by Ms. Malta

Upon arrival at the venue, the ladies formed a single line and posed for the cameras, greeting their fans and waving their banners promoting their advocacies. Right after, they proceeded with their eco-tour before moving on to the dinner.

Miss Earth 2019 Dinner 5

Lining up in front of The Empress Dining Palace

Aligned with Miss Earth’s brand #BeautiesforaCause, the ladies paused in the middle of Central Square and one by one stated their advocacies to the crowd. Candidates such as Ms. Kenya, Ms. Paraguay, and Ms. Cambodia were for the no-to-plastic advocacy, Ms. Israel advocated for organic farming, and others were for animal sheltering, on water consumption, air and water pollution, and even environmental education. While each and every candidate had their very own advocacies, all stood united with the heart to save Mother Earth.

Miss Earth 2019 Dinner 7

Candidates on their Eco-Tour

Along with their #MeandMyTree Campaign, Ms. Brazil mentioned her hopes of everyone playing their part on protecting the recently burning Amazon Rainforest. Other candidates like Ms. Serbia, Ms. India, Ms. Guyana, and Ms. Ecuador advocated and urged people to plant more trees.

In light of these calamitous and disheartening events striking our planet, we should all join these ladies in promoting the environmental protection of our planet and doing our fair share in saving our Earth since not only the present generation are affected, but all living things in the future too.

To end, a statement by Ms. Tonga, “climate change is not the problem but [we] the human beings [are the problem].” (which we wholly are in agreement, Ms. Tonga!)

Miss Earth 2019 Dinner 4

Ms. Tonga

Good luck to all the candidates for this year’s pageant and let’s not forget their bigger cause, a call to save the earth!

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