A Basic Guide to Learning Freediving in Panglao

Freedivers use a rope attached to a buoy as a guide while underwater. At the end of the rope, a weight of approximately 15kg is attached, so the rope will be firm like an underwater pole, setting a depth limit for the divers. As a beginner, the depth limit is at 10 meters. On my first plunge, I only reached 3 meters. It felt a bit frustrating, but with gradual attempts on going deeper and with helpful tips from Stefan, I was eventually able to reach the 10-meter mark!


Rope attached to a buoy serves as a depth guide

The view down there is simply amazing. Seeing the corals and different species of fish swimming around you completes the freediving experience. Knowing you’re there without any special equipment (just goggles and fins!) makes it even more overwhelming. Freediving is surely an activity you must try if you’re looking for a new and exciting adventure.


Stefan is such an excellent instructor, he was able to help me bring out my potential as a diver. Aside from Stefan, there are 4 other trainers at Freedive Panglao that can coach you on freediving. Hopefully, I can pursue a higher course on freediving in the future.


Freedive Panglao offers a wide range of classes for freediving. They offer all courses available by AIDA International, starting from the 1 Star Introduction to Freediving, 2 Star Beginner Level, 3 Star Intermediate Freediving, 4 star Advanced Freediving, up to the highest level: the Instructor Course. Aside from these courses, they also have AIDA specialty programs, Monofin Freediver, Safety Freediver, and Competition Freediver. For divers who have already taken a course, they also provide tailor-made training and coaching sessions. All the courses include rental gears if you don’t have your own personal equipment.


They also have a dive shop if you wish to purchase some diving equipment.

Freedive Panglao Dive Shop

Freedive Panglao Dive Shop

Freedive Panglao also hosts various Freediving competitions, such as the annual Freedive Panglao Depth Challenge. Every April or May, over 40 Freediving athletes join this 3-day event which is one of the biggest Freediving competitions in Asia. Regardless of Freediver level, the competition is open to absolutely everyone! Subscribe to Freedive Panglao on Facebook to receive the announcement and details for the 2016 Depth Challenge!


Freedive Panglao wishes to promote freediving in the Philippines and make the islands known as one of the prime spots in the world for freedive training. As the fast-growing sport becomes accessible to more and more people, they want to spread a message of safety and awareness. If you think you’re up for the challenge, take the plunge with Freedive Panglao!


Freedive Panglao

Bitaug Resort, Danao Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol




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