9 Super Cute Accessories Your Cat Will Love

Being a cat owner is fun and challenging at the same time! It’s lovely to watch cats look cute all day and randomly cuddle with you—despite the chaos they often leave in the morning after their midnight zoomies.

International Cat Day

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Although cats are believed to have nine lives, every owner still needs to pay enough attention to their diet, behavior, safety, and overall well-being. Here are some of the must-have items to keep cats happy and healthy.

Elevated Food and Water Bowls

Food and water bowls play a crucial role in maintaining a cat’s diet. Instead of using typical bowls, their mealtime would be more enjoyable in this ceramic elevated bowl, as they eat in a neutral position without straining their necks.

Ceramic elevated pet bowl

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It also prevents cats from eating too fast, which can lead to indigestion or vomiting. This washable bowl comes with a detachable stand, so you can easily clean it! Even kittens can eat comfortably on this cute bowl. Buy it here!

Good Litter Sand

Investing in a good cat litter sand won’t only allow your cats to do their business comfortably. It will also reduce the smell of waste in your house, especially if you can’t clean it right away. In case you don’t know yet, you can now buy litter sand made of 100% cassava!

Cassava cat litter sand

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Crafted from natural cassava roots, this is good for your cat’s health—even kittens—and the environment. It is easy to scoop, dust-free, and flushable, making daily cleaning hassle-free. One thing you’ll surely love is it has long-lasting odor control that traps unpleasant smells. Buy it here!

Spacious Litter Box

Of course, you must pair a good litter sand with a spacious litter box to encourage cats to pee regularly to avoid health problems. In that way, they will be able to move and dig around freely. This huge litter box is available small and large, catering to all sizes. There’s a scoop included as well!

Litter box

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Since cats tend to dig the litter sand aggressively, its semi closed design and detachable frame will reduce the particles from scattering on the floor. You can also choose different pretty colors to match your cat’s room or area! Buy it here!

Scratching Pad

Scratching behavior is among the common problems of many cat owners, as it can damage furniture and other household items. An effective way to resolve it without neglecting your cat’s scratching needs is to provide them with a scratching pad or post like this durable and easy-to-assemble scratcher board.

Scratching pad

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It is made of high-quality corrugated cardboard and comes with a ball toy to play with. You don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space because it can be placed in the corner or against the wall. Scratching is part of a cat’s routine to keep their claws sharp, stretch their muscles, and mark their territory. So giving them a scratching pad would definitely make them happy! Buy it here!

Interactive Toys

Playtime is a form of exercise for cats! It also nourishes their minds and strengthens their bonds with their owners. That’s why it’s important to incorporate it into your cat’s routine. Keep them entertained and contented with this track tower interactive toy that they can touch and catch.

Cat toy

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It is a four-tier turntable toy with a ball on every level and a small spring feather toy attached to the top. Cats will probably enjoy moving the balls on their own, while they bite and catch the feather toy! This is perfect if you have multiple cats as well. Buy it here!

Cat Treats

Cats can’t resist treats, making it an effective way to improve their behavior. But make sure to choose the right ones that consist of nutrients. Well, these tasty liquid treats have various flavors with added vitamins that cats will surely love! There are no artificial colors and preservatives, too.

Cat treats

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The best thing? It is suitable for all life stages! You can let them lick the treats directly or mix them with their food for extra flavor. It is such a great reward when they behave well! Just keep in mind that treats are not intended to be fed every day, so only serve a moderate amount of it. Buy it here!

Customized Collar

There are instances when cats become more eager to go out and explore the outside world, especially when they’re looking for a mate. Whether your cats stay indoors or rarely roam outdoors, it would be safer for them to have a customized collar that includes their name and the owner’s contact information.

Cat collar

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This collar has a bell and acrylic nameplate, where you can engrave any brief details about you and your cat to make it easier for people to return your cat to you or report their whereabouts. It will serve as an indicator that they have an owner in case they get lost or mistaken as a stray. Buy it here!

Cozy Bed

Let your cats sleep longer and rest more comfortably any time of the day in this cute bed nest. It has a double-sided and washable cushion, soft fabrics, and non-slip bottom, which can be their safe zone when they feel stressed and anxious.

Cat bed

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The cat-inspired design is so adorable. Plus, there’s a small hanging ball toy attached to make them feel at ease. You can conveniently place it in their favorite spot or bring it during travels and clean it from time to time! It is also available in small, medium, and large. Buy it here!


Even though cats frequently groom themselves, it’s still necessary to comb their fur to help them thoroughly remove dirt, skin flakes, parasites, and dead or shedding hair. With this grooming comb, you can improve their skin and stimulate their blood circulation as it gently touches their fur.


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The needle body of the comb can be bent at 60 degrees, preventing static electricity, so they won’t feel uncomfortable. It has an easy grip as well, then you can press the button at the back to push all the shedding hair you combed and dispose of them properly. Buy it here!


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