9 Foot Massagers That Will Help You Relax After A Long Day

Since the lockdown started last year, our bodies haven’t had the pleasure of a massage yet. I’m sure many of us are in desperate need of a good massage. While the current global situation keeps many of us from enjoying a good old fashioned massage, that doesn’t mean we can’t have that therapeutic relief without physical touching.

Thanks to these awesome foot massagers from Lazada, you can enjoy a relaxing time at home anytime!

0. Electronic Pulse Foot Massager

electronic pulse massager

Photo from Lazada

This all-in-one massager uses electronic pulses to relieve you of any bodily pain. So, there’s no need for poking! You get the relief straight into your muscles. Just slip on those slippers and put on the pads in the right spot and you’re good to go. Buy it here at 37% OFF!

8. Electric Foot Massager Pad

electronic pad

Photo from Lazada

This simple massager uses stimulation on certain acupuncture points to offer relief. This massager pad is super sleek and portable, you can easily use it wherever you are! Perfect for business trips, long drives, and for home use. Get it for PHP 568!

7. Wooden Rolling Foot Massager

wooden roller

Photo from Lazada

If you want something more old school, you can opt for this wooden rolling foot massager. No electronics, and no frills—just plain instant relief! Get this at 60% OFF!

6. Non-Slip Floor Foot Massager

non slip foot massager

Photo from Lazada

Looking for an old school massager that won’t make use of your hands? This non-slip floor foot massager is the option for you! Just stick it onto the floor (or wall) and enjoy the relaxation at home. Buy it for only PHP 447!

5. Self-Heating Socks

self heating socks

Photo from Lazada

If you’re constantly cold in this sweater weather and the only relief you want is from warm feet, check out these self-heating socks! These are great to wear just before you use your foot massager. Get them at 40% OFF!

4. Foot Scrubber Mat

foot scrubber

Photo from Lazada

Also in desperate need of a foot spa? This foot scrubber mat will turn your shower into an instant foot spa session, easily exfoliating your feet while it sticks to the ground. Get it here 44% OFF!

3. Foot Reflexology Stone Pad

stone massage pag

Photo from Lazada

If you’re in need of a good reflexology session, this stone pad is your best bet. It’s got stones for certain points in your foot, and it’s all indicated on the pad. It’s a huge bonus that it’s very portable. Buy it now at 32% OFF!

2. Foldable Foot Spa with Massager

foldable foot spa

Photo from Lazada

This all-in-one machine is perfect to use after a long day on your feet. You can soak up your aching feet with your favorite soap and enjoy the built-in massager. PS. It has bubbles, too! Get it now at 42% OFF!

1. Electric Foot Massager with Heating

foot massager

Photo from Lazada

If you’re looking to splurge and indulge yourself with an electric foot massager, this is a great option. It’s got heating, vibration, and all-inclusive massage settings. You’ll feel like a king or queen with this in your home. Buy it now at 26% OFF!

Which of these foot massagers would you love to have? Share it with us in the comments section!

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