8 Tips on How to Move On (and Find Your True Love)

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We got to sit down with some of the cast members and directors of #CoupleGoals, Space, and Apart to ask them for their tips on how to move on from heartbreak (and eventually finding their true love), and here’s what they had to say:

8 Tips on How to Move On from the Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series 2020 Cast and Directors

1. Get proper closure.

Director Sigrid Bernardo, who directed ‘Space’, says the most important part of any breakup, first and foremost, is to make it very clear from both parties that the relationship is over, no matter how painful it might be. “In order to move on, you have to close that chapter first,” she clarifies. “You can never move on if you’re still hanging onto each other, so the technicalities are very important.”

2. Give yourself time to cry and grieve.

“It’s also important to grieve,” points out Direk Sig. “You grieve and then you accept it.” Some people say not to grieve and just move on, but Direk Sig firmly believes in the grieving period because it’ll be superficial and harder to accept a breakup if you don’t let yourself grieve.

“You can tell yourself that you can move on, but it will just be superficial,” she says. “No matter what you want to show people, it’s still better to be honest with your feelings until you get sick of crying.” She adds, “It’s okay to be drunk and to cry, too.”

3. Hang out with your friends.

Argel Saycon, who plays Ron in ‘Apart’, shares that his friends helped him a lot when he was getting over his worst breakup back in high school. “I always went out with them,” he shares. “We’d play basketball and just hang out.”

4. Keep yourself busy.

On that note, Argel adds that “It helps to keep yourself busy. When you’re doing something, you’ll stay distracted. If you don’t, you’ll keep thinking about it and just hurt yourself in the process.”

5. Immerse yourself in a hobby.

James Marco, who plays Dan in ‘Space’ shares that hobbies helped him a lot. “I collect toys. And I play the drums,” he shares. He explains that he releases his stress and anger by playing the drums, so it would help to find a productive and fun way to release and forget your pain.

Besides, improving yourself will make you feel better as a whole. As you learn new things, you’ll see yourself grow and realize how much of a better person you can be, even without a significant other. Also, this may sound like a cliche, but it is true that you cannot love someone else fully unless you love yourself fully first. So work on yourself and focus on yourself; the rest will follow.

6. Set your priorities straight.

“No matter how much it hurts, keep your priorities in mind and focus on that in order to move on,” says Argel. Although your significant other may have been the world to you once upon a time, it’s time to realize that your chapter is over and you need to start focusing on something else from now on. Focus on your studies, your job, your family, your friends, and most importantly, yourself.

7. Keep your eyes open.

After a breakup, you might think no one will love you again, especially if you loved your ex a whole lot. That’s why you got hurt, after all. But according to Direk Sig, if you wait, it will come. “One day, you will wake up and realize how big the world is and how many fish there really are in the sea,” she promises.

There’s no such thing as being choosy. It is only right to hold high standards for yourself if you feel and know you can also give the same kind of standards to a future partner. As different as Ron and Myles may have seemed in the beginning of ‘Apart‘, understanding and accepting their differences helped them gain new appreciation and love for each other. Ron realized that Myles’ independence is something to admire, while Myles learned to compromise and start to think about Ron more.

8. Do not be afraid to love again.

Above all things, do not be afraid to love again. James shares that he had actually been in a similar situation as his character in ‘Space’. After getting into a new relationship, his ex came knocking at his door once again. However, he didn’t fall back into her arms because he had already found a better love. “Find someone who will appreciate you wholeheartedly and who will accept you wholly as you are,” says James.

In ‘Space‘, Dan runs into an old friend, Mitch, in Jollibee, and they get along almost off the bat. Although he wasn’t looking for someone, he found someone who made him smile, and appreciated all of his love and support in the way that his ex, Mae, didn’t. So, despite his ex wanting to him back, Dan knew that Mitch was the person for him because she accepted him wholeheartedly despite all of his imperfections.

“It may be hard to give your trust, your best, and your love to another person,” says Direk Sig, “When you’re there, it’s terrifying. But what’s important isn’t who was there first, but who is there last.” “It’s scary to love,” she adds. “If you’re not nervous or scared, it’s not love.”

Do you have any tips on moving on? Share them with us!

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