8 Thoughtful Gifts to Give When You’ve Run Out of Ideas

Written by Mia Abigan

Gift-giving can be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be! These 8 items are inexpensive, extremely thoughtful, and useful so it’s gonna be a win-win situation for both you and your friend.

For the one with a lot on their mind = Plush Toy

Photo retrieved from Miniso

If you’ve ever wanted the perfect rant buddy then a good ‘ol plushie is the answer to all your problems. It won’t ever judge you and will patiently listen to everything you’ve been meaning to say. And it is a plushie, after all, so you can hug it tightly afterward so you can release some built-up anger over a toxic co-worker or an unreasonable boss!

For the next Gordon Ramsay = Kewpie Mayonnaise

Photo retrieved from Qoo10

If you’ve seen this weird looking bottle with a naked baby as their logo in your recent grocery trip then I highly suggest you pick it up the next time you’re around. This Japanese mayonnaise is a god-send, and I’m not exaggerating. It can take all your dishes to the next level and as someone who used to hate mayo, this one really changed the way I saw things.

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For the Instagrammer = Sunblock 

Photo retrieved from Shopee.sg

Did you know that regularly applying sunblock can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines? It’s true and Michelle Phan swears by it too!! But one thing that has always put people off about sunblock is for its sticky icky feeling, luckily, brands like Biore have formulated ones that don’t feel like anything at all.

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For the sneakerhead = Shoehorn

Photo retrieved from Dune London

One of the worst things that can happen to a sneakerhead is seeing their prizes shoes get ruined from stains, smudges, and, of course, damages. Save yourself some $$$ with this nifty little tool called the shoehorn! It makes wearing shoes so much easier and it’s guaranteed to prevent you from accidentally stepping on them when in a rush.

For the 11.11 Master = Desk Calendar

Photo retrieved from Shopee

This one goes out to all my homies out there that love online shopping because who doesn’t love scoring the BEST deals and saving thousands of bucks! Flash sales are rare but for planned ones like Shopee’s 11.11 sales, it is in our best interest to remember when they are and how to plan ahead. This desk calendar is great for just that! Now you can set your worries aside because you are sure to remember that coveted day.

For the binge-watching expert = Eye Drops

I mean if you really want to finish watching all 3 seasons of Rick and Morty in one weekend then you really have to have these by your side. Extended periods of watching usually mean we stare at a screen for far too long and forget to blink. This means our eyes are ending up drying and hurting a lot which means getting in the way of the binge-watching session! So the next time you wanna gobble down a drama/series, don’t forget to bring along your buddy, eye drops.

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For the sleepy artist friend = Spray Bottle

For creatives that constantly have to do lots of revisions, they usually end up oversleeping the next day as a result of fatigue. Luckily, the adjustable nozzle is perfect for just that! Use the more concentrated setting to easily wake up that sleepy artist friend of yours in an instant! (I have personal experience of this and its annoying but it definitely works!!) But here’s what else is cool about the spray bottle, simply turn the nozzle around and you’ve got yourself a great tool for creating watercolor washes.

For your mom/tita = White Flower Oil

Photo by James Wendlinger, retrieved from South China Morning Post

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably caused your mom so much stressed that she probably wanted to throw the sofa on you (KIDDING!!) but regardless, it wouldn’t hurt you to gift her this miracle oil. Loved by thousands of people worldwide, the familiar menthol scent of White Flower is here to stay! Goodbye headaches, sickness, body pains, and aches!

Do you have any thoughtful gifts of your own that you like to give during Christmas? Share it with us!


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