8 Love Lessons We Learned from Kwentong Jollibee

Article by: Angela Cortero

We’ve all seen those heartwarming mini-movies by Jollibee that broke the Internet. This year, they have once again won the hearts of many and taken the Internet by storm with their viral videos ‘Homecoming’, ‘Signs’, and ‘Status’.

Every year, Jollibee wants everyone to embrace and feel love through real life stories that speak to those who receive and give love through different ways. Overall, they teach us that love can be felt not only from a significant other, but also from those who shower us with care and support. Here are 8 valuable lessons we can live!

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8 Love Lessons We Learned from Kwentong Jollibee

Homecoming by Joel Ruiz

 8. True love never gives up

‘Homecoming’ proves that never giving up can lead to a lifetime of happiness and sincere love.

7. We should always know what’s best for us.

Just like how the character of younger Ruth from ‘Homecoming‘ was able to look after herself by assessing her relationship at the time, we too should be aware of relationships that aren’t doing us good anymore. Being in a relationship means helping each other grow and improve, to be there for one another through thick and thin.

6. Unconditional effort is super attractive.

Younger Gilbert from ‘Homecoming‘ was hella cute when he went through all of that effort to show Ruth how much he valued her as a person. He did all of that with the most sincere intentions of letting her know that he’s really got her back.

Uhm, can we have more Gilberts, please??

Signs by Ted Boborol

5.  The person who’s sincerely there for you may have been alongside you all along.

In the episode of ‘Signs‘ where Star, a hopeless romantic who believes that signs will help her find “the one”, hooks onto the belief that she was destined to be with Mark later on realizes that her friend Joms was her “the one” all along. A whole lot of us got to thinking: “oo nga, noh!

Let’s not neglect those who are right beside us through it all. Baka mamaya may Joms ka pala sa buhay mo!

Status by Ianco dela Cruz

4. No love is greater and more authentic than the love we receive from our family.

Sermon ni nanay? Tampo ni tatay? Kulitan niyo ni kuya? Chika niyo ni ate? Love can be expressed through many forms, and we should be content with the love we receive at home.

3. We should never let heartbreak get the best of us.

Just like Kat from ‘Status’, di dapat tayo mag papatalo sa ex-lovers. We should never lose hope and feel sorry for ourselves when finding love turns into an endless cycle of disappointment. Keep your head high; you’re strong and independent!

2. There is someone out there for you; be patient.

As quoted from a netizen’s comment on ‘Status‘, “This kind of love is the purest of all. Kaya ‘di natin kelangan maghanap ng true love. It will come at the right time, in the right place, unexpectedly.” Tama!!

1. Love can be found through different ways.

It can’t just be found in romantic suitors. Love is seen through simple acts and words, as well. And if you are able to find that love through the simple things on a daily basis, you’re going to feel happy and content, too!

Which Kwentong Jollibee video was your favorite one this year?