8 Gift Suggestions to Get Your Techie Friends for Christmas

Do you have a gadget-obsessed friend who would rather receive a fancy computer accessory than let’s say an expensive perfume? If yes, then we might be able to help you out in choosing what gift to buy him or her for Christmas.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of headphones, speakers, cameras, and wearables at a tech shop, especially when you still haven’t figure out what you’re really buying. By knowing what your friend is into the most, you might be able to easily find that perfect gift the next time you take a trip to the store.

Check out our list of techy gadgets and gizmos below:

8. Earphones / Headphones

Christmas Gift Headphones

Photo Credits to: musicoomph.com

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to the perfect music companion. It can be an in-ear, over-ear, or wireless headphones. It’s good to know what your techie friend wants—if he or she wants to hear thumping bass, awesome highs, or something that’s just loud. Go ahead and ask if you don’t know yet.

A good pair of carefully chosen earphones or headphones will surely make that music junkie friend of yours happy. You might also want to add in a good earphone cable organizer, which is that one thing your friends might not realize they need until they get their hands on one or two.

7. Speaker

Christmas Gift Speaker

Surely, everyone you know listens to music. What better way to amp up your techie friend’s listening experience than giving him or her a good speaker?

There are so many types of speakers in the market today that it’s easy to get lost in finding the perfect one. There’s wireless, waterproof, rugged, indoor, and so much more. To keep you sane, simply know where your friend would be using the speakers the most. If he or she likes to travel, then a rugged and waterproof one would be perfect.

6. Smartwatch / Fitness Band

Christmas Gift Smartwatch

Now here’s to that techie friend who loves to keep his or her health in check. Most smartwatches that are available in the market today include some basic fitness tracking features such as a step counter.

Samsung, for one, has the Gear S3 smartwatch that will suit everyone’s lifestyle. It’s something one can wear to the office, while playing golf, or when running. If your friend values style and functionality, you might consider getting this one for him or her.

5. Mechanical Keyboard

Christmas Gift Keyboard

If you have a gamer friend, a mechanical keyboard might be the perfect gift. Choosing the best one can be tricky, though, since there are lots of models from various brands out there. Go find the one with great craftsmanship and excellent switches at a reasonable price.

4. Gaming Mouse

Christmas Gift Mouse

Throw in a mouse, too, if your friend is a gamer or a gaming enthusiast. Not all mice are created equal, so make sure to look for the one that will fit the hand perfectly. For gamers, comfort is important as well as excellent performance. Be sure to know which ones will make your friend win that next game he or she is set to play.

3. Laptop

Christmas Gift Laptop

Aside from accessories, you can also choose to get your friend a full-blown laptop. Well, if you’re feeling generous and you love your friend (you know what we mean), then don’t think twice. Go all out and buy him or her a new toy. How about a Predator laptop from Acer? Now that will make your friend love you even more, for sure.

2. Instant Film Camera

Christmas Gift Instant Film Camera

If your friend loves to take pictures, then getting him or her a new instant camera would be a cool choice. Instant film cameras produce instant photos that are both fun and engaging. It lets you experiment with a variety of features to make your photos look even cooler. Go find your friend the one with an excellent quality and design with a vast range of accessories and features.

1. Smartphone

Christmas Gift Smartphone

Technological advancements are clearly inevitable. Everyone wants a mobile phone. Get personal and buy your special friend a new smartphone. One option is the new Huawei Nova 2i with four cameras. Yes, four! No doubt this one’s selling like hotcakes.

What are you getting your friend for Christmas? Share it with us!