8 Fidget Toys That Will Help Relieve Your Stress

It’s so easy to get stressed with the current situation right now. Just go through your social media or watch the news and you’re probably going to get stressed out instantly. With so many things happening in the world right now, it’s great to have a few things that will help relieve some of that stress.

Here are some trending fidget toys and stress toys that can help with that! These toys are all available on Shopee:

pop fidget toy

Photo from Shopee

8. If you love online shopping, then you probably also love popping the bubble wrap that comes with your packages. It’s so satisfying and relaxing to pop—I can spend hours with just a sheet of bubble wrap!

Well, now you don’t have to worry about popping all of the bubble wrap you have thanks to this bubble wrap-inspired fidget toy.

It comes in a variety of colors and shapes and allows you to enjoy that “popping” feeling for as long as you like.

Buy this push-pop fidget toy here!

siopao stress ball

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7. This squishy siopao-inspired stress ball is a great way to squeeze your stress away! It’s also an instant reminder for you to maybe get a snack and eat when you’re feeling stressed out.

It even comes with a cute dim sum case for you to store your siopao stress ball when all is good.

Buy this siopao-inspired stress ball here!

shiba inu stress ball

Photo from Shopee

6. If you want a stress ball that also looks extra cute on your desk, this Shiba Inu stress toy is great to have. It’s like having an adorable tiny pet on your desk that also relieves your stress.

Buy this Shiba Inu stress toy here!

glowing stress balls

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5. These glowing sticky stress balls have gone viral online, specifically on Tiktok. These particular stress balls have features that let them stick to most surfaces if you throw them hard enough. It’s great to have if you want something safe to throw at the wall.

Buy these glowing sticky stress balls here!

peapod fidget

Photo from Shopee

4. This cute peapod keychain allows you to pinch out a small pea unlimited times! It’s a great fidget toy for anyone who loves pinching things and watching things pop out. We love how portable it is, too.

Buy this peapod fidget toy here!


Photo from Shopee

3. Slime has been one of the more famous fidget toys in the past years. That’s because there are a lot of things you can do with slime—a lot of textures and colors to choose from! It’s definitely worth getting one if you want something to play around with all the time.

Buy this slime here!

banana stress toy

Photo from Shopee

2. These banana-inspired stress toys will also surely get those stresses away. They’re so cute and quite realistic. If you’ve always wanted to squeeze some bananas with your bare hands, this banana stress toy is a must-have.

Buy this banana stress toy here!

mech keyboard tester

Photo from Shopee

1. Think typing on mechanical keyboards will relax you but you don’t have that budget yet? You can use this mechanical keyboard tester kit as your very own fidget toy! It already includes four keys with different switches, so you can enjoy pressing on them for as long as you’d like.

Buy this mechanical keyboard testing kit here!

With these cute and unique stress-relieving fidget toys, maybe your days could be a lot more chill!

What’s your preferred stress reliever? Share it with us!

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