8 Crazy Ex Stories as Told by Netizens

Okay, okay, it’s not proper to talk about exes; but you know what? We learn so much from our exes! I really believe it leads us to become better partners. There are times, though, when they just do crazy things during (or after) the relationship. We asked the WIM Squad about their crazy “ex stories” and here are some of the most piping hot ones; some are just flat out funny!

8 Crazy Ex Stories as Told by Netizens

We were on a break!

“Me and my girlfriend broke up. Break na kame ha. So I started talking to other girls. Tapos yung isang niyaya ko lumabas kakilala pala nya. So she showed up and wen’t batsh*t crazy. Pinokpok nya ako ng heels sa ulo and I ended up in the hospital. Mahaba pa ung kwento ng sunod na mga ginawa nya pero the most important highlight was I ended up in the hospital”. – Jay, 26


I don’t know her!

“My ex lied to me about her identity, age, school, and all that, and months into the relationship. I always insisted that we go out because we haven’t seen each other in person yet, but she always had an excuse. She kept saying that she’s busy with track, with dance rehearsals and all that stuff. One day in March, I went to UP Diliman, because she said that their track team usually practices there. I didn’t see anyone running or practicing, so I went to ADMU. When I got there, I went straight to the field, still, no one practicing. Then I got to the gym where guys were playing basketball. I called her up that time and asked her, “where are you?” She said she was taking a break from track practice. I asked her where her practice was and she said they were in UPD. I said I’ve been there and I didn’t see anyone practicing, then she said, “oh that was earlier, we’re now at the school’s gym.” I said I was at the gym and that I don’t see her. I asked her, “Who are you?” She started crying and saying sorry. She said she was from Bicol, she was 17 years old, she wasn’t a dancer nor was she athletic, she basically said all was a lie about herself, except for the fact that she loved me.

Months later, we agreed to meet. I visited her in Bicol and she admitted that she was only 15. (THAT WAS THE WORST LIE. I CANT BELIEVE I DATED A 15 YEAR OLD. THAT’S THE AGE OF MY BROTHER NOW)” – Eunice with a K, 23


The Stalker

“Nag stalk sakin nung college ako. Pag palabas ako ng university, magetetxt sya at idedescribe yung kasama ko pati yung oras ng paglabas ko. So, ako paranoid hanggang paguwi at pagtulog”. – Sheila, 28


Pag Binato ka ng Bato…

“Binato ng ex ko ung bintana namin ng bato, eh tulog ako. Tapos pinagkape na sya ng kapitbahay coz inumaga na sya there, he was drunk”. – Ana, 27


Ate, pa-extend

“I was breaking up with my ex and he asked me if I can give him an extension until his birthday. Though I really wanted to get out of the relationship, I obliged. Then he started telling all his friends that I was cheating on him. He then started posting my bikini photos on his twitter to make it appear that I was still dating him. Though I wanted to confront him, I blocked him on social media and all his friends too. I got rid of at least 200 people. Best decision of my life”. – Rose, 29



“I was the crazy ex in the story. I found out that the guy I was dating has a family. I couldn’t believe it. I started asking him where he was and checked who he was with. I ended up following him around the mall with his family. I know, creepy”. – C, 26



“I was fooling around with this guy. We discussed that we should start dating and being boyfriend-girlfriend. As a surprise, I went to his condo. There was a spare key under his mat so I just went in. I got naked and waited for him in bed. I waited for at least 8 hours. I got hungry so I walked to the fridge to get some food. Then the front door opened! It was his mom”. – Jenna, 22


I have Leukemia

“I wanted to break-up with my ex then she told me she was sick and she needed me. She went all out with medical exams and tests that I don’t understand. I stuck with her for at least 3 months. When I was visiting her at home, I brought up the topic with her mom. She started crying because she didn’t know her daughter was suffering. My ex came in the room and saw that me and her mom were talking. Then she started confessing. She wasn’t really sick. I walked out and never spoke to her again.” – Bob, 32


Do you have any crazy stories about your ex? Share them with us!