8 Butuan Food Park Finds You Need to Try

Gangsta Wraps (Backyard Food District)

All about shawarmas and quesadillas, Gangsta Wraps knows how to pull their own weight in the vast array of food choices available at the food parks. The beef quesadilla is tweaked to please the Filipino palate – a little more on the sweet side and generous with the cheese sauce. Hungry and need more than just wraps?

We highly recommend the pulled pork rice, the quality and taste of their pork is top-tier.

gangsta wraps1s

gangsta wraps2s

gangsta wraps3s

Don’t forget to grab some nachos while you’re there! Best shared with friends…and beer.

gangsta wraps4sPink Dairy (Hungry Space Food Park)

This is the only food park vendor brave enough to sell desserts. And why not?

pink dairy

Their Bubble Sundae is an inspired and innovative idea. It’s an egg waffle topped with ice cream, marshmallows and chocolate bits.

Can we get an amen? We feel yah!


You also have to leave space for some Churros, which goes perfectly well with their chocolate dip! You’ll definitely gain a little more weight (we know we have!), but trust us when we say it’ll be worth it!

Hamesh (Hungry Space Food Park)

Say hello to their Overloaded Shawarma Rice. With their homemade yogurt and the addition of some arabic spices, this meal gives you an almost authentic Arabic Shawarma flavor while being careful not to veer too far away from local flavors.


Mix them all together on your plate and you’ll get a burst of flavors all coming together wonderfully. If you don’t like it too spicy (because we really, really do!), just tell them to ease up on the spices and they’ll be glad to do that for you.

Shawarma 1s

It looks like it’s good for sharing, but hear us out: don’t. You’ll regret sharing it later on and wish you just had it all for yourself.

Bike Cafe (Backyard Food District)

Why would we feature a tiny pop-up cafe? Because it is well friggin’ WORTH IT. Before or after you dive into all of these food flavors, leave some room for these guys.



We had their Choco Kisses and Dark Mocha Frappes, as well as their Cookies and Cream and Choco Milkshakes. They were all devil-may-care-for-health kinds of drinks, but after sipping on them, none of us even cared.


So, when you ask yourselves if you really want to put in a frappe or milkshake order while you’re still enjoying the experience of your previous meal, ignore your full belly and answer with a resounding “Hell, yes!

Mirania Sizzling (Hungry Space Food Park)

If you don’t like balut, we found just the thing for you (you’re gonna slightly hate me in the beginning, but do stick around!)! Drum roll, please!

wim sizzling balut

Presenting the Sizzling Balut! A balut lover will fall in love harder with it while someone who despises this exotic dish will find a new love and appreciation for this dish. The balut is boiled, fried and then placed on a sizzling plate with homemade gravy; it hits the spot just right. It does not look the least bit pleasing (like a lot of Filipino dishes!) but don’t let the appearance fool you. This dish is quickly becoming a house favorite, especially for those who want to pair it with a good ‘ol bottle of ice cold beer. Pair this with their Sizzling Pusit, too! Trust us: you won’t regret it!

group photo for wim

Letsean (Backyard Food District)

If we could hug it out with the guy who made this happen for the Butuanons, we really, really would!


His Pork Belly Lechon is grilled to absolute perfection that every bite into that pork skin is just crispy and juicy. And the flavors? Oh my, the flavors! No good meat was left behind when it comes to having all portions of his meat marinated in juicy goodness!


It is no wonder that this stall sells out faster than anyone else. It’s practically the first dish people grab before heading out to other food stalls.

Pork Belly Lechon and Rice? Hands down, a match made in food heaven. That good? We’d bet our lives on it.


If you’re still reading this, congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the post! Most, we assume, have already made their way out their doors and into these food parks. Well, what in the world are you still hanging around here for?