8 Adorable Room Lamps for Cozy Nights at Home

It’s nice to have an extra cozy atmosphere in the bedroom at night, especially when it’s getting colder nowadays. I love having night lights in the room because it definitely sets the mood for relaxation and resting—perfect after a long day of work.

If you’re in the market for ambient night lights that are both effective and adorable, here are some of our recommendations from Lazada.

planet lamp

Photo from Lazada

8. This planet-inspired night light is a more colorful version of the trending moon lamp from last year. With this on your bedside table, it looks like you’re in the presence of a majestic celestial body. We just love the sparkles and colors on this cool lamp!

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cloud lamp

Photo from Lazada

7. This cloud lamp is an adorable addition to your bedroom if you already have other sky-themed items. It looks so fluffy and cute, and the soft glow of the light definitely makes a relaxing ambiance.

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cat lamp

Photo from Lazada

6. If you want more cuddly options for your night lamp, this cute cat lamp is a great option. It also features a soft design that looks like it’s ready to be squeezed anytime. This is the perfect night light for any cat lover.

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heart lamp

Photo from Lazada

5. For a more romantic vibe, this cute heart-shaped lamp adds so much love to any space. We especially love the neon pink hue that creates such an energetic vibe. It’s the perfect lamp for your pink-themed room, too.

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lantern lamp

Photo from Lazada

4. This cute lantern-style lamp has such a stylish minimalist vibe. It’s designed like a retro folding lamp and is actually multi-functional. You can turn it into a flashlight, a reading lamp, or a soft night light. Cute and extra useful!

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sensor light

Photo from Lazada

3. This sensor night light is great to have especially if you’re one who needs to get up in the middle of the night a lot of times. It lights up when you move in front of it, and automatically turns off after a few moments. It also stays off when there’s another light source. Super convenient!

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rainbow lamp

Photo from Lazada

2. Need extra color in your room? This cute rainbow lamp is perfect for your space. The soft edges and cute design create such an adorable aesthetic. Add the neon colors and it definitely adds such a bright vibe to any room.

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bedside lamp

Photo from Lazada

1. If you want something a little more classic and elegant with just a hint of cuteness, this minimalist bedside lamp would be a nice option. It features the classic lampshade shape with an all-white exterior and a soft warm light. This timeless design will instantly fit any space!

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Which night light would look best in your room? Share it with us!

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