7 Things that Happened at HUE & ME: Embracing Art In Life

Words by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna)
Photography by Jules Gapuz (@julesgapuz)

Last July 8, 2017 artists came together for a grand fund-raising event at SMX Convention Center at SM Aura. Entitled Hue & Me: Embracing Art in Life, the exhibit and events were organized by ArtisteSpace, while artists from different parts of the country came to showcase their works.

Aside from beautiful, intriguing and diverse art works, there were lots of fun and quirky activities in the event as well! Just check out our quick list below!

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Hue and Me 1

Doodle Workshop

Led by Lei Melendres of Doodle Art Enthusiasts, participants were brought back to their younger doodling days. Lei led the participants to creating their first doodle character from the shape of the head, to the shape of the eyes, and down to every other detail. Who said doodling is just for kids?

Hue and Me 31

Watercolor Workshop

Soft and graceful, water coloring has made its way to IG accounts and mainstream art workshops. Of course, Hue & Me couldn’t let the opportunity of teaching participants how to watercolor pass! Participants were thought how to paint their names in baybayin.

Hue and Me 14

Acrylic Workshop

Acrylic painting can be quite intimidating, but the quick workshop offered by the event made it more friendly and fun. The participants painted a gumamela out of scratch!

Hue and Me 6

Make-up Crash Course

Yes, make-up is an art too! Mary Kay offered a crash course on make-up application. It was helpful, practical, and fun for all the people involved. They even had their own booth for their amazing products! Art and make-up lovers, unite!

Hue and Me 21

Car Collectors Show

Toy car collectors all over the Philippines came to showcase their collections in the event. From small Porsche toy cars to the more familiar Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, they had it all!

Hue and Me 26

Local Art Exhibit

Of course, we can’t make a list of fun activities without including walking around the exhibit itself. Artists from Laguna, Rizal, Manila, and other parts of the country came to show their work. It’s just another avenue that showed everyone how diverse our country is, just by looking at the different styles and themes of the artists’ works.

Hue and Me 30

Piece For Peace For Marawi

The headliner of the whole event, Piece For Peace For Marawi is an art activity wherein the artists created a work of their choosing on the spot. All profits will be going to aid our countrymen in Marawi. Their piece aims to help restore peace in Marawi. See what they did there?

Curious on how to help our brothers and sisters in Marawi through art? Check out their website below!

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