7 occasions to enjoy a bowl of ramen

Ramen isn’t just for rainy days. In fact, I enjoy a piping hot bowl even on the hottest days of the year and survive the heat out of sheer love and willpower. I love ramen that much. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only hardcore ramen lover out there willing to brave the Manila heat just for their favorite bowl.

Treat yo’self. Here are a few more occasions you can drive out for a bowl of ramen.

Zero Ramen Ippudo

7. It’s a rainy day

Let’s face it: The weather is crazy unpredictable no matter what month we’re on. Because of this, we often wake up suddenly to rain. Cuddle weather but no one to cuddle? How about a bowl of ramen instead?

6. You just got that promotion/good grade

Treating yourself? With good reason? The best feeling! Getting that coveted promotion or that A you’ve been working so hard for is definitely cause to celebrate. Why not slurp some A+ broth and noodles?

5. It’s your birthday!

Zero Ramen Ippudo

Celebrate life–yours, specifically! I think I’d much prefer ramen to a birthday cake.

4. Meeting a friend you haven’t seen in a while

Nothing like doubling the warmth of a friend’s company with the warmth of a delicious broth and endless ramen noodles. Talking and catching up with a friend over one of the best comfort foods out there? Priceless. Makes for a movie moment, really!

3. Cheering yourself up after seeing your crush with another person

Zero Ramen Ippudo

A little bit of hugot. Seeing your crush might already be cause for celebration (and a cause to get some ramen) but seeing them with someone elseAray. Maybe it’s time to move on and comfort yourself with something warm. At least ramen will warm you up. :'( Just make sure your tears don’t contribute to the saltiness.

2. After a long day at work/school

Work and school can knock the energy out of you and leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Re-energize with your favorite food! Just the aroma of the hot soup will wake you. It’ll have your mood boosted in just a few slurps!

1. During an anniversary

Zero Ramen Ippudo

What better way to celebrate another revolution around the sun? Whether it’s a friendship anniversary, your relationship anniversary, or anything, this bowl’s got you. Which is why on Ippudo’s 33rd anniversary, celebrate with us by trying out their special ramen named Zero!

Zero is the original recipe that Shigemi Kawahara, founder of Ippudo, created before making the first store in Fukuoka. A lighter option, it still has all the qualities of the ramen we’ve grown to love. The tonkotsu broth, hakata-style noodles, and the pork chashu all come together in a warm explosion of flavor and comfort.

Experience this rare recipe on October 16, Ippudo’s 33rd anniversary day, at SM Megamall starting 11 AM. But watch out! They’re only giving out 330 bowls to the first 330 customers! After that, for the next 33 days, they’ll be selling 33 bowls until November 18.

Happy anniversary!

Will we be seeing you at the anniversary? Let us know!