7 Gifts That Bookworms Will Absolutely Love

Aside from the books themselves, bookworms also have other things that they not-so-subtle wish they have.

If you have friends who love to read (whether they have now gone digital and rarely read paperbacks), they will still appreciate the following items in our list, because, really, it’s impossible not to love these literary gifts! From that little bookmark to that huge bookcase they hope to see in their library at home, book lovers will absolutely love to have one of these in their possession.

7. Magnetic Bookmarks

The joy of receiving a bookmark never gets old, especially if the bookmarks are as cute as these little ones. They are magnetic, so you won’t lose them when carrying your book around. You can go look for these cuties at National Bookstore for Php 290.

6. Bookcase

If you love your friend, you’ll do anything to make him or her happy, and that may include buying her this bookcase. Bookcases can be pricey, but they are definitely worth the price. This one from Mandaue Foam is at Php 3,300. You can check more unique designs at their store.

5. Book Light

There’s always going to be a book that bookworms can’t put down. And, most of the time, bookworms end up reading them at night. This bendable little man will light up your life, for sure. The Book Light by Balvi is available at Quirks for Php 350.

4. Gimble Adjustable Book Holder

Isn’t life better when you have someone, or something, to hold your book open for you? Gimble’s Adjustable Book Holder will do exactly that. This one’s perfect for that friend of yours who love to read books when traveling. You can find it at Fully Booked for Php 525.

3. The Brilliant Reading Rest

Give your friend something to hold his or her book in place. The Brilliant Reading Rest is made of strong plastic, so whether it’s a paperback or hardbound book, it can surely support it. It is available at Fully Booked for Php 1,499.

2. Journals

Bookworms love the smell of books. Well, it’s pretty much the same with journals. The smell of new paper and fresh ink mingling together is just heavenly. You can find these cool ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ journals at National Book Store for Php 549.

1. Falling Bookend

For some additional bookshelf drama, here’s a Falling Bookend by Artori Design that you can give to your book lover friend. He or she will definitely love the illusion. It is available at Quirks for Php 695.

Are you a bookworm? What gift do you like to receive this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!


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