7 Eco-Friendly Products You Can Buy for Less Than 100 Pesos

As we celebrate Earth Day, you might be interested in making the switch to eco-friendly products. It’s now so easy to get natural eco-friendly products online! Many of these products are also very affordable, making the switch a lot easier.

Here are some eco-friendly products you can get on Shopee for less than 100 pesos!

Bamboo Toothbrush

bamboo toothbrush 1

Photo from Shopee

Since it’s recommended that we change our toothbrushes regularly, it’s a great option to switch to this natural bamboo-made toothbrush to avoid filling up landfills with plastic ones.

Buy this bamboo toothbrush for only PHP 19 here!

Shampoo Bar

shampoo bar 1

Photo from Shopee

Shamboor bars reduce the need for plastic and disposable shampoo bottles we regularly have to throw out. These shampoo bars also usually made out of organic materials, making it even more eco-friendly than the commercialized ones we usually use.

Get your locally-made shampoo bar here!

Exfoliating Soap Pouch

soap pouch 1

Photo from Shopee

These eco-friendly soap pouches serve as a very effective loofa made out of natural sisal. It’s also a soap-saving product! People have found their bath soaps to last longer when used with this soap pouch.

Buy this soap pouch for only 42 pesos here!

Wooden Kitchen Brush

wooden brush 1

Photo from Shopee

No more having to throw out disposable sponges that do harm to the environment. This wooden kitchen brush is sturdy, lasts longer, and is biodegradable.

Buy this wooden brush here!

Bamboo Soap Holder

soap holder

Photo from Shopee

You can use this bamboo soap holder for your bath soaps or the shampoo bar mentioned above! It’s made out of natural bamboo, making it safe for the environment.

Get this natural soap holder for only 75 pesos!

Bamboo Straw Set

bamboo straw

Photo from Shopee

It never hurts to have a set of bamboo straws (with a straw cleaner) on you at all times. You never know when you’ll be craving a refreshing drink that needs an eco-friendly straw, especially in this summer heat.

Buy your bamboo straw set here!

Dish Soap Bar

dish soap 1

Photo from Shopee

This dish soap bar also reduces the amount of plastic waste we throw out from the kitchen regularly. It’s also made out of natural ingredients, making it safe to environment and safe for the skin!

Get this dish soap bar for only 49 pesos here.

What’s your favorite eco-friendly product? Share it with us!

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