Must-Try 60-Baht Noodles: I Love Boat Noodles Sukhumvit 26

I Love Boat Noodles Sukhumvit 26

The popular I Love Boat Noodles Sukhumvit 26

Thai food is arguably one of the best cuisines in the world. It’s tasty and uses all of the taste profiles— salty, sweet, spicy, sour, and even umami. The best part? It’s very affordable, especially if you know where to look. At I Love Boat Noodles at Sukhumvit 26, for example, you can find delicious boat noodles starting at only 60 baht.

What are Boat Noodles?

Thailand's famous Boat Noodles

Thailand’s famous Boat Noodles

Boat noodles are a well-known Thai dish with a rich, flavorful broth. It contains your choice of meat (pork or beef), various spices, meatballs, pig’s liver, and vegetables such as bean sprouts, morning glory, etc. The soup is impactful because it is seasoned with pig or cow blood. That adds to the color and richness of this delicacy.

Where Can You Find Boat Noodles?

Family-owned Boat Noodles restaurant in Bangkok

Family-owned Boat Noodles restaurant in Bangkok

It’s easy to find boat noodles in Bangkok, but you can start with the one from I Love Boat Noodles Sukhumvit 26 located at the corner of— you guessed it— Sukhumvit 26. The location is convenient and easy to find. Just alight at Phrom Phong BTS Station and walk for a bit.

It may be busy most of the time because of all the corporate people eating there for lunch but don’t worry. They serve food very fast, and people consume it just as quickly. That’s the beauty of the place: it’s very straightforward. You get seated, order, and get your fill of this undeniable, warm goodness that will envelop your senses.

What to Order at I Love Boat Noodles Sukhumvit 26

Feast on boat noodles

Feast on boat noodles

You can customize your order the way you want it. First, choose the type of noodle you want. People often go for flat noodles. They’re the thick, long noodles that make the dish more filling.

Then, choose the type of meat you want. You can combine pork, beef, and meatballs. It’s entirely up to you. The more protein, the better!

Lastly, choose the spice level and serving size. Be careful with Thai spice levels, though. You may think it’s not much, but it can be quite spicy for foreigners. Test it out with a low level of spiciness first to be safe.

Top Tip: Order a side of crispy wonton strips for a crunchy texture with every bite!

There you have it! This is a satisfying meal that will get you all filled up for your Bangkok adventure. Whether for lunch or as an afternoon snack, it’s a must-try for those in the city.

Where Else Can I Get Boat Noodles?

Boat noodles are actually famous in Ayutthaya. You can check out our Ayutthaya travel guide in case you plan to visit this lovely province less than two hours away from Bangkok.

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