6 Wild Sneakers You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Unique shoe designs have always caught people’s attention. Among those few unique sneaker designs are the Spongebob Squarepants collection or the custom Indomie-inspired ones. But some take it a step further. Below are 6 wild sneakers that will give you a hard time believing they actually exist. Will you wear one?

6. These Super Mario-inspired sneakers have clickable buttons!

Who would have thought that video games and sneakers can join forces? When you have to beat your friends at Mario Kart at 7 but have to ball at 8, these are the perfect shoes for you! These high-top basketball shoes certainly give off that retro vibe with its white, grey, and red color scheme. Super Mario and Duck Hunt art can be seen on each of the tongue and the famous swing tag is shaped like a NES cartridge. Apart from that, we bet that you wouldn’t be able to resist pressing the D-pad and buttons at the heel.

We can imagine Mario and Luigi jumping on those Goombas in these sneakers. We think it looks so awesome that we might want to display it on our shelves along with our retro Super Mario collectibles.

Only 10 pairs of these cool sneakers were made. We wonder who the lucky 10 are.

5. What? These sneakers are made out of hemp?

Some of the unique materials used for shoes are denim, cherry blossoms, or even coffee. Now, there’s a new pair of sneakers in the works and they’re made out of hemp! Dopekicks are made out of hemp and they are 100% vegan. If you’re worried about its legality, do note that hemp is dubbed as “the sober cousin of marijuana.” It is legal around the world due to its minimal psychoactive components.

Apart from being made from hemp, these are waterproof. At least you’ll worry less when braving Metro Manila flood. And no, sorry. You can’t smoke these. If you want to get your hands on one pair, you’re in luck. These are available in Dopekick’s Kickstarter page here – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dopekicks

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4. You’d love to cuddle with these sneakers in bed

Is it a teddy bear? Is it a pair of sneakers? It’s both! If you love sneakers so much that you wish you could cuddle with them in bed, then this fuzzy pair is for you! In collaboration with Jeremy Scott, Adidas released a very cute and unique pair. Instead of the tongue, you’ll find a big Teddy Bear head. The whole upper part of the shoe is also made out of Teddy Bear fur which will definitely keep your feet warm and cozy.

3. Now they’re violet, but later they’re red

Can’t decide on one colorway? Why not just get two colorways in one pair of sneakers? This pair of basketball shoes change from one color scheme to another! The shoes start with a violet and yellow colorway similar to the Lakers uniform. Its paint will then fade into a red and black color combo (similar to the colors of the Chicago Bulls) the more you use it. Which colorway do you think is better?

This limited edition “Color-Changing” pack released only last May 25, 2019, and retailed for $175.

2. You don’t have to lace your shoes anymore

If you find it tiring to lace your shoes every time you wear them, then look no further. These Nike Adapt shoes will do the lacing for you. It uses a technology that makes the shoe adjust the lacing, pressure, and fit to the contours of your foot. With this new technology, do you think that shoelaces are starting to be a thing in the past?

1. You can trust these sneakers to satisfy your pizza cravings

We’ve seen shoes that can resist water and shoes that light up. But have you seen a pair of sneakers that will order pizza for you? Yes, that’s right. The Pie Tops II can let you order pizza with just one push of a button. Not only will it order pizza, but it can also pause the television for you while you get off the couch and receive your pizza at the door. If you’re wondering how it works, the sneakers are connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth.

Only 50 pairs of the Pie Tops II dropped last March 19, 2018. This truly is a great pair for those who love pizza.

What do you think about these unique sneakers? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


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