6 Ways to Look Stylish and Carefree in White Sneakers This Summer

White sneakers are an absolute must-have pair in every woman’s closet. They literally go with anything and everything. In fact, if you ever feel lost as to which pair of shoes to wear at any given day, you can just whip out a pair of trusty white kicks and go with those. Don’t believe me? Check out these different styles by different women and how they effortlessly styled their outfits with their white Keds sneakers:

6 Ways to Look Stylish and Carefree in White Sneakers This Summer

6. Match it with prints!

Don’t know what to match with your printed outfits? That’s right: a pair of white sneakers will do the trick, just like blogger Rochelle Abella (@rochelleabellaa on Instagram) did with this pretty striped romper of hers:

Spread your wings and fly. ???? Romper from @hipculture_ph || ????: @davidapiado #HipCultureHoliday #clozette

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5. Make use of your colourful socks.

Have lots of cute colourful socks, but never know which shoes to wear to go with them? White kicks are the perfect match for colourful socks just the way Yuna Ko (@yunakonda on Instagram) wears them. No matter how bright the color of your socks may be, they will go with the color white. Lookie!

???? #poser

A photo posted by YUNA KO • 유나 (@yunakonda) on

4. Wear them to work.

Who says you can’t wear white sneakers with your corporate wear? Fashion, beauty ad lifestyle blogger Masha Sedgwick (@mashasedgwick on Instagram) expertly pairs some casual work wear with Keds sneakers here:

3. Have fun with it.

Of course, most people still associate Keds sneakers with fun, so feel free to wear them with cute and casual outfits like Ave (@avelovin on Instagram) does here:

2. Go all white.

If you dare (and it’s not raining… and you don’t have your period… and you have no plans of going anywhere where dirt might splatter all over you… and you don’t plan on eating spaghetti… or anything with ketchup), try going white with your white sneaks like Lou Delos Reyes (@louise.dr):

Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost ???? // All-White Ensemble from @gtwbysm ❤️ #GotToWear #gtwbysm

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1. Wear them the classic way.

White sneakers became incredibly popular with tennis players and with tennis-inspired wear (read: a collared top and a skater skirt) similar to what Lorna (@lornaluxe on Instagram) wears here:

Keds Classic Champion white sneakers are perfect for the sporty and stylish look, keeping you stylish and carefree while beating the summer heat. I recently brought my pair to the beach and they proved to be the perfect companion wherever I went. They’re pretty easy to clean, too (though I personally like the worn-out look on white sneakers). 🙂

What’s your favorite way to style white sneakers? Share your tips with us!

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