6 Straightforward Things You Should Do To Fully Enjoy Life

How many articles have you read about longevity? How many graphics have you shared on Facebook about living your life to the fullest? I bet you’ve shared every single write-up you could relate to about enjoying life. However, are you really happy now? Do you still procrastinate and waste time?

Well, procrastination is fine if you already know what to do and where you are heading. But if you are still second guessing in life (or love), guys, you better jot these ideas down to fully enjoy life.

6. Be remarkable

Last week, the blogging community lost someone special. He was 22. I don’t know him personally and I didn’t get the chance to be his friend, but he was loved by many. Reading the comments about him, it looked like he lived a fulfilling life. Even though his life was short, he stamped it with spectacular friendships and fascinating memories. One thing is certain, he knew the desires of his heart and he displayed a steadfast faith.

Be remarkable by having a great attitude in life. Be remarkable by creating healthy friendships. Be remarkable by simply being you. Be remarkable by doing something extraordinary! Step out of your comfort zones!

comfort zones

5. Call if you miss someone

I know this task if hard but if you miss someone, s/he could be your friend, ex-lover, co-worker, ex-boss, enemy, whoever, let them know you miss them by giving them a ring.

Gone are the days when people use the slack reason “wala na akong load eh” because now there’s Viber, Messenger, and Skype. Say “I love you” or “I’m sorry” every time you get a chance. It might be your last.

call if you miss someone

4. Initiate gathering

family gathering

Photo credit: youqueen.com

Back when I was in Sydney, our family would set a day every week to gather and just enjoy each other’s company. Wala lang, there was no occasion for us to be complete. Well, wouldn’t it be nice to gather when everyone’s alive instead of seeing everybody at someone’s wake? With that, initiate an invite to gather your friends or family. Indulge in home cooked meals or even potluck would do. Just like what John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

3. Let your voice be heard, explain if you must

communication is the key


 Explain things thoroughly to avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Time is essential. Don’t waste time. Stop beating around the bush, say what you want to say. And if you are misunderstood, explain why. Communication is the key.

2. Ask questions


Following to number 3, if you don’t understand things, don’t be afraid to ask. I know the feeling, though, as I’ve been there and done that. (Still doing it sometimes) but pushing back questions isn’t healthy emotionally and mentally. Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

1. Read between the sheets

make love or read

For people who have legit partners, don’t argue or resist, just say yes! Whether s/he is asking to read or make love, just say YES! Either way, it is emotionally, physically, and mentally beneficial for you.

Truthfully, death jolts us. Most of the time, we take it as a wake-up call to do something worthwhile.

The ultimate question is: How do we live our lives to the fullest in this lifetime full of uncertainties? How to become happy when we couldn’t even afford happiness or peace of mind? Ultimately, try not to make things complicated. Be satisfied with what you have.

How about you, how do you live your life to the fullest? Let’s exchange thoughts in the comment section below!


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