6 Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up on Grey’s Anatomy

Warning: Season 11 spoilers ahead.

Season 11 has been tough for the fans of Grey’s Anatomy. After 11 years of watching the medical drama, one of the most devastating, if not the most devastating, event occurred in the walls of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital: the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd (played by Patrick Dempsey) in a car crash. Well, he did not technically die in the crash, but in the hands of doctors failing to save his life. A very shocking April 23 episode (entitled “How to Save a Life”) led fans to a wide range of emotions that are evident in social media. The producer of the show, Shonda Rhimes, has also been receiving a lot of hate-tweets from people who has obviously been attached to McDreamy.

As a fan, I felt the sorrow and the need to mourn and sympathize with Meredith Grey. I was very emotional while watching the infamous episode. Crying over a fictional character probably made me look ridiculous in the eyes of people who don’t love the show as much as I do, but they will never understand. I would be lying if I said it never crossed my mind to stop watching Grey’s Anatomy after Derek’s death, but thinking about it, there are far more reasons for me to hold on to the show than giving up on it.

6 Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up on Grey’s Anatomy

6. It gives us dreams.

6 Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up on Grey's Anatomy


I don’t know anyone who did not think of going to medical school after watching the first few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Personally, I once considered myself as the greatest hater of hospitals. I had the biggest fear of doctors, vaccines, blood, syringes, and anything associated with medicine. After binge-watching the show, however, I overcame my fear (not even exaggerating) and became excited whenever I stepped into a hospital, expecting to see good-looking doctors like the doctors in Grey-Sloan Memorial. It’s nice to be entertained while watching, too, while gaining a little knowledge about science. We also learn to familiarize ourselves with medical jargon, making it easier for us to understand conversations with doctors, nurses, and our friends who are taking up med courses. The show also helped me ace Biology.

5. There are many relationships to relate to. 

6 Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up on Grey's Anatomy


Although we lost a very powerful couple on the show, there are still a lot of tandems that we should look out for and will probably set our relationship goal standards high. We would not want to miss how April and Jackson cope up after the loss of their child how Dr. Webber and Dr. Katherine Avery get their chance with love and how Dr. Bailey handles her romance with surgical resident beau Ben Warren despite their schedule. We would want to see how Alex Karev continues to be our ideal partner because of the things he does for Jo Wilson and how Owen and Amelia’s commitment grows to a love we could possibly adore. Grey’s Anatomy gives us different kinds of relationships – from typical boy-girl dramas to wonderful same-sex affections.

4. Zola, Bailey, Ellis, Sofia, and Tuck.

6 Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up on Grey's Anatomy


They may not have lead roles, but their cuteness and adorableness are enough reason to tune in. The story does not really revolve around them, but I am curious how they will grow considering they are raised by doctors who experienced a lot of ups and downs in their respective lives.

3. The doctors are hot!

6 Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up on Grey's Anatomy


Okay, I know we lost McDreamy and McSteamy (Mark Sloan played by Eric Dane), but they aren’t the only doctors who make us swoon. Owen Hunt has the prettiest smile. Alex Karev has the most sincere personality despite his badass image. Jackson Avery is literally the boy of our dreams, his eyes, his physique, his smirk…..I could go on and on. How could you not want to watch them?

2. We’ve already come this far.

6 Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up on Grey's Anatomy


11 years, papakawalan mo lang lahat? Kidding. But seriously, for 11 years, we’ve seen a lot of stories unfold, a lot of characters grow, and a lot of disasters faced. For 11 years, we let Shonda Rhimes and her writing prowess entertain us, play with our feelings, and make us ride a roller coaster of emotions. We may hate Shonda for the crisis our favorite characters face, but let’s be honest: we were impressed and awed by how she puts twists in the show. She’s best at what she does and I am sure she cares about the fans more than we think she does. She will not let us down, not today, not this way. I believe there are more things Grey’s Anatomy can offer: bigger surgeries, characters we can relate to, and on-point life-lessons. We survived a bomb stuck in a man’s body, drowning, gunmen, planes crash and many more tragedies anyone could think of. This is not the time to stop. This is not the time to let go. We can get through this.

 Also, Grey’s Anatomy has the best soundtrack and opening/closing monologues. That can be enough of a reason, too.

1. Meredith.

6 Reasons Why We Should Not Give Up on Grey's Anatomy


The universe may put too much weight on her shoulders, but she still manages to be the strong woman that she is, not just for herself but for the people she loves. In her most depressing moment, we want to be with her and see how she handles the loss of the love of her life. Meredith gives us a lot of lessons not just about medicine, but also in life. I learned a lot from her and I want to learn more. Although it’s “just a show”, we felt for her as she watches the last breath of Derek, she is not alone in this phase of her life.

It’s heartbreaking to see one of our favorite characters leave a show that has been with us for a long time. A character we loved, adored, and welcomed not just in our lives, but also in our hearts. However, as Ellis Grey would say, “the carousel never stops turning.” Maybe this is what Shonda would like to tell us. It’s one hell of a ride; all we can do is enjoy it while it lasts.


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