6 Must-Have Tools To Satisfy Your Inner Artist, as I’ve Learned from Art Fest

Art is considered to be the “expression and application of human creative skill, and imagination.” It comes in all kinds of forms. From street graffiti, watercolor calligraphy, lettering sculpture, and methods of painting that primarily assert an appreciation for beauty, or convey a powerful emotion. 

In art, you invent things. You create and curate content. Visually, everyone has their own taste when it comes to art. I suppose it’s just human nature to express yourself, to act upon to inspirations around you.

Fortunately, SM Stationery held their Art Fest last April 14-17 at the Mega Fashion Hall; in which they showcased all sorts of art materials for everyone’s delight. The fair basically revolved around the displays of different calligraphy, painting, doodling, and comic book illustration tools. There were a range of paper supplies, watercolour sets, colouring pencils & markers, adult colouring books, and even guides, equipping you to pursue your passion for the arts. They also had a freedom wall where guests or customers could color, write, or make a masterpiece!

For those who love to craft, who love to paint, or do all things art, this list would help you equip yourself with essential tools to feed your lust for art, creativity, and pure passion:


6. The ABC’s of Lettering by Abbey Sy

For those who want to get into hand-lettering, this art manual is for you! Abbey Sy gives you an instructional (but anything goes) guide for those who want to pursue hand-lettering. As you browse through the pages, you’ll see this letterer, life lover, and adventurer’s personal guide on how to create your own fonts, discover your lettering style, and prompts for you to exercise your newfound hobby!

5. Faber Castell’s Colored Pencils

I don’t know if this holds true for everyone, but a lot of millennials grew up on Faber Castell. It’s been a household name, and you’d know having one made you feel super “legit” in school. Well, years and years of innovation has solidified the brand, making it the go-to brand for colored pencil supplies. They have released markers, and even watercolor pencils for those who love experimenting on their art.


4. Pentel Fabric & Oil Pastels

Explore the various methods of painting, and try Pentel’s Oil and Fabric Pastel. This is recommended to anyone who loves to get a little bit down and dirty! Oil pastels aren’t easy to use, and it can get a bit crazy once you’re in the zone (I guess this is the same for all kinds of art forms). However, if you prefer painting with oil pastels, or even designing your own shoes with fabric markers, then Pentel’s the best choice for you!

3. Titus Ballpens

From experience, Titus ball pens have never failed me. I personally love the quality of ink for the affordable price tag it comes with. I’ve never had ink accidents using their ballpens, and I always run out because I use them specially when I’m doodling. Recent times have transformed mere doodling to an art form ’cause it’s truedoodling is a form of self-expression. You don’t have to be an expert using watercolor, or know how to draw the human anatomy (in accuracy) for you to be considered an artist. Anyone can be an artist, and I guess that’s what’s so nice about Titus. It shows you how basic every-day pens can be a powerful tool to express yourself.


2. Pilot Parallel Pens

One of the coolest things there were  Pilot Parallel Pens! They are a kind of calligraphy pen, but its nib looks like a small blade. I gave it a go, and I can genuinely say that it was something new, refreshing but reminiscent of my love for calligraphy. They’re very easy to use, and if you plan on purchasing one, the box comes with a little manual on how to use ’em. They even have a step by step guide on writing letters. They’re perfect if the kind of lettering or calligraphy style you like are in the lines of medieval and gothic.

1. InkScribbler Calligraphy Pad by Alexis Ventura

For those who want to try their luck on calligraphy, Alexis Ventura  typographer, calligrapher, and the brains behind InkScribbler  made a pad that would get you practicing on different strokes, embellishments, and letters. One thing to know about any art form is that it requires a lot of practice, and patience. So, for those who want to start doing calligraphy (and eventually embellishing your own invitations, postcards, and such), you got to grab one! They’re cost-friendly, and you really buy your money’s worth!


There were also cool activities that spectators, and art fanatics could participate in  like freehand calligraphy with Alexis Ventura, hand-lettering with Abbey Sy, fashion design with Dani Baretto, comic book illustration with Harvey Tolibao and many, many more! It was a full house throughout the 4-day fest, and it really was an amazing experience. Apart from the live demos and workshops, an exhibition of artworks from these (and other) young artists were showcased, alongside on-ground activities from participating brands  such as coloring, paper-cutting and alike!


Visitors also had the chance to color/doodle/paint on the freedom wall that were displayed on both sides of the event area! It was spectacular to see what a collaboration of multiple artists (or artists-at-heart) could create! Everything seemed so put together despite the various colors, styles, and doodles involved!

All that can be said is that the event was a success. A lot of people walked away with their art hauls, and others were given the space to be where they feel most comfortable  in a place where all is welcomed, all are accepted.

The #SMStationeryArtFest was in partnership with Faber Castell, Pentel, Titus, and IFEX Fine Papers. We’re all hoping for more! ‘Til the next one!


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