5 Years After Yolanda – For The Love Of Leyte

Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that hit Leyte was the strongest tropical cyclone recorded in 2013. Five years after the devastation, we didn’t expect much from the cities, especially Tacloban. Tacloban was Yolanda’s ground zero; it was almost completely washed out.

Well, we thought wrong. The place that was once filled with grief and sorrow is now living up to being a first class highly urbanized city in the Philippines. Although there are still remnants of the super typhoon’s destruction, and the pain of the past will never really go away, the Leytenos chose to overcome these trials and move on.

Yolanda can also be a blessing disguise, if you put things into perspective. A lot of people all over the world have visited and would want to visit the place. There are those who go to Leyte for volunteer work and some go to explore what else the beautiful island has to offer. Leyte is lucky enough to have such generous people who excessively exert effort in showcasing what Leyte is really about.

In commemoration of the 5th year after Yolanda, For The Love Of Leyte was held from November 30 to December 1, 2018 at The Farm in Ginsiyaman, San Miguel, Leyte. The immersive event was a 2-day music and arts festival with art exhibits, livelihood workshops, local crafts, boat painting, local and international bands and DJs, camping/glamping/campfire jamming, a jungle disco, and the bustling Waray-Waray culture. The “FOR THE LOVE OF LEYTE” movement gave Leytenos a chance to showcase their products at the TABO-AN HA GINSIYAMAN, which means MARKET AT GINSIYAMAN.

Not only could we purchase items at the trade hall; we learned how to make them, too! Check the next page for more photos.

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