5 Unlikely Hacks For Camping

Roughing it at the great outdoors soon? Here are some unlikely tips you can use for camping, and just about any survival situation.

5. Is it time to set up camp? Use your fingers to tell.

4. Electricity using lemon and a coin. Who knew? First, roll the lemon to bring out its juices. Then, cut 2 slits in the lemon (to resemble an electrical outlet). Next, place a coin in each slot. Try your charged lemon with wires.

3. Hard-to-open jars? Use duct tape.

2. Dipping your hands in salt water is first-aid treatment for bug bites and other itches.

1. Use a crayon as a candle. A crayon will burn for 30 minutes.

Got any other survival hacks to share? Let us know!

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