5 Times Ordinary Filipino Citizens Proved to be Heroes on Social Media

Written by Patricia Yap

The world is not all cruel. 

Most of the time, we hear news of accidents, killings, losses, and so on that they make us question the world we live in. We never stop looking for the reasons why the world is like this, and so we sometimes fail to see the good that still remains in the world.  

While the world may seem always negative and unjust, we know that there are still a lot of things that show the goodness of the world—especially through its people.

In the Philippines where negative stories are prevalent, comes also the stories of hope and humility that should be highlighted, and here are just some of them.

Check out these 5 stories where ordinary Filipinos proved that the world isn’t as cruel as we might think it is. 

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Not all lifesavers flash red and blue 


On September 18, 2019, Facebook user Jhane Espina shared her wonderful experience with a Grab driver named Ronaldo Pillarina De Guzman. 

In her post, Espina said they were rushing her sister to the hospital because of a possible case of dengue. The booking fee for the Grab was Php 310, but when De Guzman found out about the situation, he decided not to charge Espina and her family. 

De Guzman even handed them Php 1,000 as help for the possible hospital fees. Espina and her family refused, but De Guzman wouldn’t leave without the family taking his generosity. 

Espina thanked De Guzman for his kindness through social media, showing how this Grab driver truly is a hero and proves that selflessness goes a long way! 

Providing service beyond protection 


In a post by Celine Anne Giguera Hugo four years ago on Facebook, a policeman identified as PO2 G.P. Jalandoni went viral. 

The post shows Jalandoni lining up with an old woman at the San Lazaro Hospital cashier. Hugo was curious about the scene when suddenly a citizen beside her spoke up.

Hugo found out that Jalandoni saw the old woman in the waiting area and offered to pay for her anti-rabies medicine, costing Php 1,200. The woman was apparently a beggar and was unfortunately bitten by a dog.

With various news of corrupt or unruly policemen in the country, it’s refreshing to hear a story so positive. Despite this story occurring four years ago, it’s still a relevant and good example for every individual to provide help to others, especially when we have the capacity to do so. 

Inspiring youth 


In a video posted by Armel Manglallan on Facebook, two young boys and a girl were seen helping an old ice cream vendor push his ice cream cart up a bridge in Pasig City. 

Two of the kids together with the old vendor was pushing the cart up, while the other kid was helped pull the cart forward. Manglallan captioned in his post, “Nakakatuwa may mga bata pa palang matulungin” (It’s good to see that there are still helpful young kids today).

Being an everyday hero knows no bounds. Whether you’re young or old, any individual can be of service and help to others! 

A Pinoy heart from abroad  


Just this January 2019, a Facebook post from user Marie Grace de Jose showed the patient and humbling act of a fast food crew member named Russell Manalastas. 

De Jose shared that she was dining at a fast food joint in Qatar with her husband when they saw an old man enter the place. Manalastas, together with other crew members then came to the man’s table to serve his food, but what warmed De Jose’s heart is Manalastas’ greater service.

Manalastas, seeing that the old man could not feed himself well, did not only help serve the food but spoon-fed the man patiently the whole time. 

Manalastas’ act truly proves that anyone can be a hero through humility and kindness! Filipinos, whether in the Philippines or abroad, really do have a heart for those around them. 

A courageous feat 


From the video of a foreigner named Kevin Klauer, ramp instructor from a Chicago airport Jorge Manalang was praised as a “hero” for his courageous act. 

In the video, Manalang is seen to have driven a “push-back tug” into an out-of-control catering cart that was about to hit fellow employees and a parked aircraft. Manalang apparently had a leg injury at the time but did not hesitate to take action when others were in danger; bravely going straight at the cart.

Manalang’s heroic act to save others despite his situation shows just how anyone can be a hero when the situation calls for one! 

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We hope these stories of good deeds and kindness makes you smile as much as we did. Truly, any ordinary citizen can be of service and help to others; with each one of us being a hero in our own right! 

What do you think about these stories? Did they inspire you? Share your thoughts with us!