5 Timeless Style Tips For Guys

Not a lot of guys know how to dress well. Either they’re copying whatever trend their friends are wearing, or they’re dressing like it’s 2005. Nothing wrong with having your own distinct personality shine through your clothing, but if dressing up feels more like a chore to you, then it’s time to step back and consider a timeless wardrobe.

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What do we mean by timeless? Timeless means something you could imagine your dad or grandfather wearing, and it’s still something that would look great even in today’s time. The problem with fads is that they go out of style quickly, and especially if you’re someone who’s on a budget, it can be hard trying to keep up with the latest trend that’s already out a year from now. We provide you five timeless style tips that will never go wrong no matter where you go or what age you’re in — and is much more forgiving on the pocket.

classic menswear crewneck tshirt dark jeans

Crewneck T-shirts are always cool.

A white, crewneck shirt, to be exact. When fitted well, a crewneck shirt can be styled all sorts of ways: wear it with a leather jacket and jeans, and bam, you’re basically James Dean (daydream, look in your eye…). On a hot summer day, pair it with khaki shorts and topsiders.

You will never go wrong with classic blue jeans.

Lots of men have more maong in their closet more than they’d like to bother with, most likely due to all those jeans they’ve accumulated throughout the years — from faded elephant jeans to ripped skinny jeans. Pack all of those up and maintain a pair of blue jeans with a classic fit. A good-fitting pair of jeans will last you throughout the years and will always be in style no matter what.

A plain, all-white sneaker will never go out of style.

Speaking of not going out of style, while today’s sneaker trends may have you going out to buy the latest kicks, unless you’re a very passionate sneakerhead, there’s only one shoe you need that will last you long and will pair well with the rest of your clothes — a plain, white tennis shoe. Wear them with joggers or with your khakis, and they would still look good. Just remember to have them regularly cleaned or spray a dirt protectant on them.

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Have your shirts and pants properly hemmed.

In the 90’s, we were crazy about oversized shirts. Now, we can’t get enough of body-fit clothes. But properly hemmed clothing will take you through these fickle fashion years that you won’t have to regret having a shirt altered to fit the times. For shirts, make sure that the start of your sleeve is aligned with your shoulder, and that the hem doesn’t fall below your butt. As for pants, make sure that the hems don’t graze the ground.

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A pompadour from your trusted barber is a haircut both your dad and friends will approve of.

Man buns are so 2016. Nowadays, pompadours and other vintage-styled haircuts are all the rage at your local barber, a trend that we’re happy to see come back. What’s great about pompadours is that they’re stylish, and they’re definitely work- and school-appropriate that administrators won’t bat an eyelash when it comes to your haircut. Don’t go back to mohawks or side bangs — change for the better.

Any other timeless style tips for guys you know of? Let us know!