5 Things You Can Do to Make Jung Joon Young Fall in Love with You

Jung Joon Young recently came to Manila to meet and serenade his fans at the ABS CBN Vertis tent. Lucky Jungbrahimovics even got the chance to see him up close on stage. Two luckier girls won the jackpot: am autographed CD, a poster, a selfie, and of course a big hug from Jung Joon Young! I bet you Jungbrahimovics are drooling with envy right now.

Jung Joon Young 6

Well, to prepare for his next visit, we learned what you can do to make him fall in love with you. (Who knows? We all can dream, right?)

5 Things You Can Do to Make Jung Joon Young Fall in Love with You

5. Don’t wear glasses.

Apparently, Jung Joon Young likes girls without glasses. Perhaps he likes girls with 20/20 vision? Time to bulk up on green leafy veggies to improve and maintain good eyesight. If you wear eyeglasses, you might want to shift to contact lenses.

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4. Keep your hair at shoulder length.

Jung Joon Young prefers girls with shoulder length hair. Patience is the key for girls with short hair waiting for their hair to grow. Long haired girls just have to pay a quick visit to the salon to get that posh shoulder length hair he loves.

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3. Use red lipstick.

Apparently, Jung Joon Young prefers girls wearing red lipstick, so hurry up and buy that red lipstick at your nearest makeup store if you don’t have one yet!

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2. Don’t wear sandals.

Who loves girls wearing sneakers? Jung Joon Young does! Start copping some fashionable sneakers if you plan on getting his attention. When asked what he prefers from sneakers, sandals, slippers, or high heels; Jung Joon Young reacted with “no sandals”.

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1. Wear earrings.

Who doesn’t find girls with earrings attractive? There’s just something about jewelry that makes a man’s head turn. Attract him by donning a pair of dazzling earrings!

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Fiancée: Jung Joon Young Fan Meeting in Manila 2018 was made possible by Viu Philippines.

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