Your Eyes But Better: FreshKon Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Article by Julia Antique
Video by Isabelle Polintan

As a person who wears contact lenses everyday, I can say that not all lenses are made equal. Finding the right pair for you can be expensive and hassling since you never really know how a pair of lenses will look on you unless you try them on. And even if they do look good, it’s not an assurance that they’re comfy and will feel the same way for the rest of the day.

Which is why FreshKon contact lenses stood out to me. Striking a balance between comfort and aesthetics, the brand also offers a wide variety of colors and styles for when you’re in the mood for natural-looking lenses or for when you want to spice up your look with colorful fashion ones.

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For those who want a “your-eyes-but-better” look, FreshKon’s Alluring Eyes collection provides a selection of colors that range from shades of brown, grey, and even black. Although the lenses are intended to look natural, it makes your eyes look bigger and brighter due to its defined outline: 13.5 mm outer diameter, and a 6.2 mm inner diameter of the lens’ colored area. FreshKon’s alluring eyes collection also feels extra comfortable since it makes use of Hyaluronic Acid for ideal hydration and lubrication for your eyes.

And for those who love switching it up by wearing different colors of lenses everyday, I’ve got good news for you: FreshKon’s Colors Fusion collection offers 14 different colors! From Cool Greens to Glittering Blues, the Colors Fusion collection also offers unique colors such as Blooming Pink and Blushing Violet to match your outfits and moods. Having an outer diameter of 13.4mm, FreshKon’s Colors Fusion collection makes sure that your eye’s health isn’t compromised while still providing you with the sparkling look you desire.

Lovi Po wearing FreshKon Color Fusion Cosmetic Lenses in Misty Grey

Both of FreshKon’s Alluring Eyes and Colors Fusion collections use Hydro Micro-Insulation Technology and Oxygen Permeability Efficacy which make sure that they’re comfy to wear all day and that a good amount of oxygen flows through the contact lenses when worn. Additionally, the lenses are easy to fit since they have a hydrophilic surface and have 58% water content—which means it’s time to say goodbye to curling lens problems!

But it’s not just its products that make FreshKon stand out. The company believes that “fashion should be more than the product it inhabits; that it should be a way of life. Because stunning eyes are the natural result of a beautiful inside. In turn, derived from a radiant confidence and renewed perspectives.” A statement that FreshKon embodies by providing lenses that not only look good but feel good.

Wanna see the world through fresh new lenses? Get a pair of FreshKon Contact lenses today!

FreshKon Cosmetic Contact Lenses

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