5 Things to Do to Keep the Holiday Feels Even After the Holidays

Already missing the holidays? I feel you. The season was just so festive that we were left wanting it to last longer. Everything was chill and gleeful. Who wouldn’t miss that? So to keep the holiday #feels, try out these simple ways to make it linger.

5. Music

Spin classics and new favorites, as well as renditions of original singers and new up-comers. Carly Rae Jepsen, who visited the country last year, gives her own take on popular “Last Christmas.” Relive your holiday parties and stock songs of this likes to your playlist!

4. Share

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Christmas is, and will always be, the season of giving. Make everyday a Christmas day by bringing a few packed snacks while driving to work and hand them out to street kids, or better yet, organize a charity event for your next birthday.

3. Indulge

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Probably the time of the year when our waistlines add an inch (or a few more) because of all the good food laid on our table, another way to feel the festivities all over again is to eat our special handa every so often. My favorites are the holiday ham, like this one from Honeybon Cafe, and my Graham cake creation where I usually combine my baked chocolate cake and graham although varies every year. Yum!

2. Glam Up

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The parties urged us to take our beauty skills up a notch. For the coming year, why not make this your new year’s resolution? Take your time primping up for a best face forward, everyday! Stash essentials inside your bag; a lip-and-cheek tint, your favorite perfume and mascara will do, but feel free to customize according to your needs. Your pretty #OOTDs will pair with your glammed up face! 🙂

1. Bling On

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Choose accesories on holiday colors like red, green, white and gold. Or choose anything glittery that reflects the merriment of it all. Shop in department stores or online shops and stock up on the bling stuff. For less hassle, though, why not try Trinquets, an accessory box subscription, loaded with trinkets that you’ll love. They partner with different brands, mix them all for a fully-packed box curated just for you.

Of course, the holiday season is not yet over as we’re giving away five (5) boxes of Trinquets accessories box to five lucky winners! Join the giveaway below!

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