5 Things that Prove that Dad Jokes are Actually a Love Language

Words by Justin Francia

Whether we ask for it or not, dads seem to love cracking jokes as a form of affection. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times it’s not, but either way, it’s a gentle reminder of how much we are loved by them even with their embarrassing kind of humor. It doesn’t matter how old we are because dad jokes are just really hard to forget – and hard to not laugh at, of course.

Love truly moves in dad joke ways. Here is proof that dad jokes are cringe-y yet loveable at the same time:

5. Dad jokes are weird but it seems like it’s our dads’ intention to make us laugh

This girl’s dad replied a day after she messaged him, not to ask why, but just to send her a weird photo:

dadjoke 1

4. Fathers just really love using puns to be.. you know… punny.

“Nasa innisfree kami ng parents ko tapos sabi niya sa mama ko, “Ma, bili ka na dito para hindi ka na mainis sa akin”” -Kelly

“The funniest joke I heard from my dad is “Ano ang Chinese ng “Ipakita mo sa akin nanay ko?” .. answer is shomai mami.” – Abigail

Also, look at this screenshot from Rhea:



3. Sometimes, they’re worried about you. And they try not to make you worry about them just by making fun of themselves.

Here’s something someone shared with us from a conversation he had with her girlfriend’s dad:


2. They also give life advice, more often than not told in a really badass yet funny way.

“My dad always says “You don’t smoke, you die. You smoke, you die also. You better smoke.” And to be honest, I think serious siya every time sinasabi niya yan hahaha” -Maia

1. And there are times that even if they don’t mean to be funny, they still come off as funny to us. (I’m sure everyone loves it when we get some humor in exchange for a sermon.)

“It was during the last summer we had with my lolo before he passed away. We were eating homemade halo-halo but we ran out of ice cubes and he was the only one left with no halo-halo to eat. No one asked him to buy ice, but he did, and when he came back, we were all done eating. So instead of getting mad, he jokingly told us, “Alam niyo naman mabagal na ako maglakad.” We can never eat halo-halo without crying and laughing as we remember that funny, selfless dad moment.” -Danielle

Sometimes, what’s really funny about these jokes are when we can’t tell if they’re serious about them. One thing is special and certain though: that dads share this dad joke kind of humor. It’s their own love language we should start to appreciate.

Is your dad corny and cheesy too? Comment and share with us your dad joke story! Or maybe you have someone in mind who cracks a dad joke, too, and is the stand-in dad of your life? Might as well share your moments with them too!