5 Things That Pet Owners Do To Their Pets But Won’t Admit

Each pet lover has their own way of taking care and showing affection to their pets. Non-pet parents would think that pets are adorable from time to time but there are just some things that only pet parents could relate to.

Here are five things that most, if not all, pawrents do to their pets but are shy of admitting.

5. Following their pets around for a kiss

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who chases her pet around for a kiss. Even if we are completely exhausted from the day, we know that earning that kiss from our furry friend is what we need to drift off to snooze land.

4. Ranting to them and telling them your secret

Everybody talks to their pets even if they don’t respond and even if we are not entirely sure if they are actually listening. However when they do, we feel like we can tell them anything, even our deepest secrets. And surely, they’ll keep it between yourselves.

cats in Manila meownila 14

3. Acting like you’re their mom/dad

This is different from being a pet parent. What we mean here is acting like YOUR mom, saying stuff like “Don’t even think about going in there, young lady.” and such. Who says being overprotective of your pets could not be fun?

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2. Overfeeding

Those puppy eyes, the long sweet meow, who could resist that? Even if the vet has already asked you to put your buddy on a strict diet, you could just not resist making his/her tummy happy.

Leo, rescued dog, November 16 2015

1. Wishing your pet could just talk to you

Sure, we have family who we can ask for advice on things and friends to talk to about anything under the sun, but wouldn’t it be extra nice if it’s your furry buddy whom you’re having long conversations with? Yes, there is this feeling of connection between you two but we always long to understand our pets better, even to the point that we wish they could just tell you directly what they feel.


Other people might think we are different or what we’re doing with our pets are somewhat borderline weird and freaky. But hey, our furry friends understand and they accept us despite all the quirkiness we put them through. They might not say it directly to us, but we know they love us as much as we love them.

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