This Local Line Of Dog Products Are Pet Pawrents’ Must-Haves

Are you bummed with the costs of your pet’s maintenance and grooming?

No worries because here are must-have pet products that will leave your dogs feeling clean and fresh just like in the pet salon!

Sniff is a line of high-quality dog products made from locally-available ingredients which stemmed from the love of pets and the realization of how expensive grooming costs are. Aside from the products themselves, the people behind Sniff also made sure that even the packaging is locally-produced.

Interested? Well, here are some of their products:


Animals can smell fresh and tidy too! With the help of their cologne, you can now sniff your dog all day without the distinct “smell” they have.

sniff 2


Yup, they also have powder which is specially made for dogs. Sniff’s powder is used to reduce itchiness and irritation for newly-groomed dogs.

sniff 3

Soaps and Shampoos

And of course, soaps and shampoos to ensure a fabulous pet salon feeling!

Not sure what to get for your dog? According to Sniff, their soaps are best for bathing non-hairy dogs while the shampoos are suitable for hairy ones.

sniff 4

sniff 1

Take note: The shampoo must be diluted 1 part per 7 parts water and should not applied directly on to your dog’s skin.

Aside from their high-quality ingredients, Sniff’s products also contain natural anti-insect repellents, such as Neem extract and Madre de Cacao leaf powder to ensure that your paw baby is flea-free!

Love your dogs and love local!

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