5 Things That Are Better When Shared

5 Things That Are Better When Shared

Sharing is caring and it is twice the meaning in the Filipino culture. Just look at the concept of Pasalubong and what happens during Christmas.

There are many things we share every day, it can be big or small but either way, it can change one’s life. We are naturally generous and here are some of the things that we usually share or can be enjoyed with someone.



Share a Seat, Win a Friend. Remember that? This is perfect for the Philippines as we are always experiencing jam packed establishments or long lines. By sharing a seat, you can make a person’s day less bad or even make a new friend.




Dine-In, Take-Out or Delivery, Pizza has been a staple in get-togethers, movie marathons and slumber parties because it is perfect to share with friends, no matter how many you guys are. Because really, who can finish a whole pizza by himself in one seating?



Getting a cab or a car can be expensive and with this horrendous traffic, it is better if you can share it with your friends or officemates.

Carpool or getting into a private vehicle with other people has been in the Philippines for quite a while now and it helps lessen the number of vehicle on the road and splitting the fare is a perfect way to save money too.



Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival Pattaya Thailand

Art is meant to be shared, whether it’s music, poetry or the visual arts. The story behind every artwork shows one’s personality, experiences, views and feelings that will inspire others to create art or understand its beauty.


Data Allowance

5 things that are better when shared

Technology came a long way. We are only able to share mobile phone load before and now people are able to share data allowance. How cool is that?!

Everyone uses the internet and being able to share and/or receive mobile data is perfect. With PLDT HOME DSL Speedster Fam Plan 1299 you will get five times faster speeds of up to 10mbps and a shareable monthly data allowance of 50 gigabytes.

With an additional of P299 per month, a Speedster Fam Plan can get a free smart phone or a free iPhone by adding P799 a month.

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