5 Stylish Reusable Face Masks for Every Budget

As we all enter the “new normal” way of life, there is now one essential piece of item we all need to have on us when we leave the house—a face mask. And yes, it’s important for our own health and protection, but who says they can’t be stylish as well? After all, if we’re gonna be wearing them all the time now, might as well get the kind you’d be happy to be wearing along with your OOTDs!

Here, we’ve compiled 5 stylish reusable face masks fit for every kind of budget!

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5. Marthena Mercier

Image: Marthena Mercier

If you want unique patterns and a ton of designs to choose from, local clothing brand Marthena Mercier has expanded from making mostly dresses to now face masks as well. These reusable masks are economical as you just throw them into the washer after each use, and they’re so affordable to begin with.

When asked about their masks, the team shared that they make these designs and also manufacture the masks themselves, so you can be assured of the uniqueness of each one. Every mask also comes with its own clear pouch for protection, so you have a place to store it in after use. Best of all, they also offer face masks specifically fit for kids.

Image: Marthena Mercier

There are a ton of designs to choose from at Marthena Mercier’s website—whether you prefer plain ones, floral, or printed, you’ll surely find one that’ll fit your taste.

Price: P100 per piece

Check out their face masks here:

Website: www.marthenamercier.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/marthenamercier
Instagram: @marthenamercier

4. Spacey Printing Press

Image: Spacey Printing Press

If what you need are customizable face masks that you can order in bulk for your business’ staff or simply to give away to family and friends, Spacey Printing Press can make them for you. The brand specializes in design and printing, usually for paper and merchandise, but as the demand rose, they’ve recently expanded to producing face masks as well.

Spacey Printing Press’ face masks are made from breathable and durable 100% cotton. It has three layers—the outer is made from high-performance dri-fit polyester, while the second and third layers are made from neoprene, the same water repellant fabric used for scuba and wet suits. It also comes with a pocket for filters for an added layer of protection. Best of all, they’re hypoallergenic and chemical-free.

Image: Spacey Printing Press

Have a stylish design in mind? Need your business’ logo on the face masks? Just send over your design to them and soon enough you’ll have your own customized face mask.

Price: For bulk orders. Depending on the quotation.

Connect with them here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/spaceyprinting
Email: spaceyprintingpress@gmail.com

3. Zoo Label

Image: Zoo Label

Zoo Label has always been insta-famous for their gorgeous line of clothes and dresses, and now they’ve added luscious reusable face masks to the roster, too. And yes, we did say luscious, because that’s what they are.

They have three kinds of masks as of now—one made of scuba fabric, linen blend, and silk. Each line also has its own distinct set of pretty colors ranging from black to rust and even nude. Each mask has a filter pocket, for added protection. Polypropylene filters are also available on their site, which is water repellent.

Image: Zoo Label

Their linen and silk masks are currently only available for pre-orders and will ship as soon as Metro Manila transitions to GCQ, so place your orders now to get ready for #ootds once more when we can all go out again.

Price: A pack of 3 black masks P299; a pack of 4 silk masks P499; a pack of 5 linen masks P499

Get your Zoo Label face masks here:

Website: www.zoo.com.ph
Instagram: @zoo.label


2. Urban Traveller & Co.

Image: Urban Traveller & Co.

Urban Traveller & Co.’s Banale Active Mask is not only pretty as hell, but also pretty reliable in the defense department. It is made from Soffioplus, an innovative material that can effectively filter out many harmful particles including pollution, dust, pollen, spore, and bacteria. It’s also made to feel comfortable when worn.

The Banale Active Mask is easy to use as well. No filters need replacing—they can be used for long periods, and when it’s time to wash, you can just throw them into a washing machine. But make sure you only use cold water! You can also hand wash them if you prefer.  The coolest feature of this mask is that it’s portable. It has its own pocket, so you can simply fold your mask up and tuck it in after use.

The Banale Active Mask comes in four colors: grey, blue, green, and pink. It won’t arrive at Urban Traveller & Co. stores until May 30th, but you can pre-order now to make sure you cop one when it does.

Price: P1,300

Get your Banale Active Mask here:

Order here: www.urbantravellerco.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/urbantravellerco/


1. O2 Canada Mask

Image: O2 Canada

If you’re looking for not only a stylish facemask but one that’s also high-quality, this premium reusable face mask brand will definitely impress. The O2 Canada Mask can filter out up to 99% of fine particulate matter, protecting you against airborne bacteria and viruses. The mask has been graded by Nelson Laboratories, the global testing lab that gives advisory on medical devices.

O2 Canada Mask is made of quality materials—around the hard shell exterior is Japanese medical-grade silicon for a comfortable and safe seal. Inside the mask, for added protection, is a pocket for a replaceable filter, where each can last up to two weeks. A box of O2 Canada Mask comes with three filters.

For additional style, the outer hard shell can be detached and replaced with shells in different colors—white, black, red, and blue. But perhaps the coolest feature of the O2 Canada Mask is its mobile app that can help track your mask’s filter life and even check pollution levels. It’s available on iOS and Android.

Price: This O2 Canada Mas is a bit on the pricier end at P4,000++ per mask, but if you ask us, it’s a worthy investment for your protection.

Get O2 Canada Masks here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/o2canadaPHdistributor/
Instagram: @o2Canadaph

Do you know other brands that carry stylish masks? Let us know in the comments!

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