5 Studying Hacks Students Ought To Know


Ace that exam, pronto!

1. Googling a reading? Type in the title of the text, and add filetype:pdf, which will increase the chances of you finding a PDF version of this!

2. Ambient sounds and classical music help you focus more. Skip the sing-along soundtracks. Choose ambient music instead.

3. Looking for sample tests to study for that midterm? Google “site:edu [subject] exam” to help you find what you need.

4. If you’re allowed to chew gum during a test, chew a new flavor of gum while studying for that exam, then chew the same gum during the test to jog your memory.

5. Use different highlighters while studying to highlight the more important information from the less crucial ones. You can also try using different highlighters for different topics if you’re covering multiple chapters!

Got any other tips you can recommend?