5 Short Hairstyles for the Modern Gentleman this Summer

We all know how hellish summer can be in the Philippines. Hot, humid, and can ruin your style if not dealt with accordingly. The gentleman in me simply won’t allow this. After all, I do have to keep my style on point for milady. *wink wink*

The first course of action is usually to take a haircut, preferably a short one. Be it walking under the sun along the shores of your favorite beach, or still keeping your looks on point for business despite the heat, a true gentleman will make sure to always be on top of things, especially with his hair. Don’t know which one to choose? We got you covered, dude.

Here are 5 short haircuts for the summer gent!

5. The High and Tight

Spectre Summer Hair 3Photo: hairstyleonpoint.com

You can never go wrong with this hairdo! It works well no matter the shape of your face, plus it looks good whether you’re wearing your best suit for a formal gathering or just hanging out by the shores of Boracay.

4. The Flats

Spectre Summer Hair 4Photo: hairstyleonpoint.com

Okay, this may not be for everybody, but trust me, when you get to pull this off and manage to find a reasonable height for your hair, this hairdo can work wonders for work and summer play minus the maintenance.

3. The Taper

Spectre Summer Hair 5Photo: hairstyleonpoint.com

This hairdo is still a reasonably short one with room to style, should you be in the mood for a little creativity.

2. Asymmetrical

Spectre Summer Hair 1Photo: menshairstyletrends.com

If you want to sport a more unique, standout hairstyle, the asymmetrical cut is for you. The styling maintenance is very much worth it in the looks department.

1. Spikes

Spectre Summer Hair 2Photo: menshairstyletrends.com

My favorite, and probably the hairstyle I’ll come back to the most. There’s something powerful about spikes it just oozes masculinity. Plus, it adds a bit of height. When it becomes a bit less manageable, though, just have it cut short again. Best maintained with wax.

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