5 Relevant Mobile Apps We Need in Our Life Right Now

There are currently around 5,000 mobile apps out there today, both in app stores and in their development stage. Since 2013, the use of mobile apps has increased tremendously by 111% globally. Mind you, we’re not only talking about games here. Marketers around the globe have been taking advantage of this mobile phenomenon to market brands and advocacies, as well.

In the recent Adobo Masterclass: The Best of Global Digital Marketing — Mobile Marketing Special Edition, we got to learn more about some of the most successful digital mobile campaigns from across the world. Here are 5 of the coolest mobile apps that I think we need here in the Philippines right now. These are not just creative, but are also useful and relevant in today’s way of life.

5 Relevant Mobile Apps We Need in Our Life Right Now

5. Slow Down GPS

A voice navigation app like no other. The voice guide changes into a child’s voice the moment you drive within the vicinity of a school or any area where there are plenty of kids around. Imagine hearing a child asking you to slow down because a kindergarten is just around the corner!

It was initially only available in Scandinavian countries, but its success apparently spread out to about 160 more countries. It would be awesome to have it available in the Philippines, don’t you think?

slow down gps mobile app

via mmaglobal.com

4. Mr. Bear Driver

This is the perfect mobile game for families with kids on a road trip as it teaches the kids about road safety while having fun. Get this: the game can even sense when you start driving beyond the speed limit. The game then automatically stops, and you can guess what you’ll hear next from the kids once that happens.

Look at it this way: your children will become anti-speeding cops early on. This app started in Romania and is now finding its way to other countries. Let’s hope it finds its way over here, too.

3. SleepWise

Most people will not admit that they snore. Well, this mobile app is connected to a base monitor and a wearable unit. Together, the devices will monitor your sleeping environment (lighting, temperature, noise, etc.) and sleep quality throughout the night. The information will then be analyzed and turned into a sleep profile. From there, it will send the analyzed information to your smart home devices, like your air conditioner, electronic fan, and lighting system (yes, you have to have a smart home), so they all get to work together when it’s time to hit the sack.

sleepwise app

via gccatapult.panasonic.com

2. First Person Lover

This gaming app will let you “kill” your enemies with love and kisses. Used to promote the Bjorn Borg Fashion Collection of Sweden, you can dress up your chosen character with any outfit from the collection before going out to spread XOXOs toward belligerent characters within the game. Shoot them with a Kiss Gun. Throw Valentine’s Teddy Bear Grenades at them. Too cheesy? Tell that to more than 600,000 players over 190 countries who are now having fun spreading the love.

1. Los Santos Pride

This app integrates one of the world’s most popular game, Grand Theft Auto 5, with gay pride. According to Swedish ad agency Garbergs, homophobia among gamers needed to be addressed. How? By incorporating a gay pride parade within the game. No vehicle — car or military tank or any other type — you try driving toward the parade will just find itself flying into the air and come back crashing down. Apparently, this game feature got the gaming community — experts, specialists, and players alike — working on making the features work. They even got Alesso to do the music for the intro video!

What other mobile app do you think should be available in the Philippines?


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