5 Mobile Game Apps I am Currently Addicted To

I don’t remember when the app craze started or even what the very first mobile game app was that I downloaded and fell in love with, but there are some games that have survived 2016 and still exist on my phone.

While Pokemon GO was fun for the first few months and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was fun until I realised my online boyfriends were clingier than my real boyfriend; here are some games you might want to download on your phone if you’re looking for short bursts of entertainment during the day.

5 Mobile Game Apps I am Currently Addicted To

5. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius


I’m gonna admit that I only downloaded this game because of the ‘Final Fantasy’ name. And then I got hooked because of the storyline (I love RPGs), the nostalgic music and the Chocobos. Not all ‘Final Fantasy’ fans will enjoy this one, though. Fortunately, if you want to play the real deal, you can just download ‘Final Fantasy VII‘… it isn’t free, though.

4. Food Street


I’m sure the people who grew up playing Farmville on Facebook will understand why I love this game. You get to harvest crops, you get to name and beautify your restaurant, and you get to participate in challenges (that I totally rock at, by the way).

3. Avengers Academy


Okay. On its own, ‘Avengers Academy’ isn’t that great. You build your academy, recruit new members, etc. etc. The fun begins (for me, at least) when the Special Events start. They had a Doctor Strange event when the movie came out and I thought that was pretty cool. For Christmas, they have a whole winter special thing going on with Frost Giants for you to battle. Also, it’s a very low-maintenance game and that’s nice to have, I think.

2. Ramsay Dash


Calling all of the people who love ‘Diner Dash’! This is pretty much the same thing, except you can hear Gordon Ramsay swearing at you when you mess up. It’s funny and oh-so-addicting!!!

1. Gardenscapes


Ergh. Gardenscapes has ruined my social life (I play it everywhere!) and is pretty much just like ‘Candy Crush’, but much more challenging. It is also much more fulfilling because the more levels you finish, the more you get to beautify your garden. (If you play this game, please add me on Facebook, so we can send each other lives. :p)

What about you? Which mobile game apps are you currently addicted to? I would love to check them out! 😀

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