5 Reasons Why I Love Dentiste Toothpaste

I grew up in the era where everybody called toothpaste as “Colgate” and true enough, it was the brand I grew up with. I think many Filipino kid also went through that phase. But as I grew up, my teeth started becoming sensitive. I tried other brands and variants but was never satisfied until I found Dentiste. Since then, it has been my choice of toothpaste brand. Here are 5 reasons why:


5. Dentiste is Organic

I love organic products. Aside from the fact that it’s 100% natural, it’s also good for long term use. No need to be afraid of side effects, preservatives and what not. While other organic toothpastes taste weird, Dentiste tastes minty good!

4. Dentiste is good for sensitive teeth

The more hot and cold food you eat, the more sensitive your teeth become. I’ve been back and forth my dentist’s clinic because of my aching tooth. However, she has not found any problem. Since I started using Dentiste though, I’ve had no such problem anymore.


3. Dentiste gives you good morning breath

It’s always awkward to talk to or kiss somebody the moment you wake up, with your bad morning breath. With this organic minty toothpaste, you won’t have to think twice before opening your mouth in the morning.

2. Dentiste comes in nice travel packs

And because Dentiste has become part of my daily life, it is a must that I bring it wherever I go. It’s a good thing that travel sized Dentiste toothpaste and toothbrush kits are available in the local market.


1. Dentiste promotes love

For the entire month of February, Dentiste has been spreading the love with a valentine package that includes this cute bear and mini Dentiste kit, with the hope that more couples and families will start their day with a “sweet morning kiss” (minus the bad morning breath), for only Php 143.


Dentiste Toothpaste

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