5 Reasons Filipinos Need to Vacuum More

5 reasons Filipinos should vacuum more


The image of the Filipino mother or homemaker doesn’t usually involve the vacuum. We usually picture them in colorful dusters, their hair in a tight bun, and their favorite weapon for cleaning up dirt, getting rid of dust, and putting their kid in their place: a broom.

Times have changed and modern homemakers have stepped up: they still wear their dusters, but this time it’s from SM or LV. They let their hair down to show off their salon shine. But even after the arrival of the iPhone, their weapon of choice is still the classic broom.

Now there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classic. Classics are timeless, and even more so now, when people are going crazy over the #throwback trend. But when it comes to practicality, brooms belong in the past. Vacuums are now the way to go. They’re electronic, they suck up dirt faster, and all you need to do is glide them over floors and surfaces. Less effort, less hassle! However, we do advise you against using it on your naughty child. We’re pretty sure child services will go after you, and replacing a vacuum cleaner is more expensive than a broom from Baguio.

Here are 5 reasons why Filipinos need to vacuum more:


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Conyo Problems


5. It’s more effective than old-school cleaning tools

The most common reason why Filipinos need to vacuum more is because it is more effective in cleaning homes. Compared to sweeping, vacuuming removes all kinds of dirt without leaving anything behind. When you use a broom or a mop, people tend to leave small particles of dirt and dust (which when you think about it, flies around the room as you sweep). This means that vacuuming removes dirt rather than push or spread it around. Vacuuming is also efficient, as a study found that it took 47 minutes to dust mop and wet mop a room, while it only took 25 minutes to vacuum the same room.

To truly feel how vacuuming is more effective in cleaning, one must have the right product. We recommend the Dyson DC34, which has a digital motor that spins five times faster than a Formula 1 car engine. That’s right. Moms can channel their inner daredevils and college boys can relive their dreams of becoming an F1 racer while cleaning. It’s also small, light, and cordless, so you can take this anywhere around the house to make sure every inch of dirt is found. Gone are the days when you try to push that thin line of dust to the dustpan!


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Who needs an item-locator app when you can use a good vacuum?


4. You can find long-lost stuff!

No, there is no such thing as a “sock demon.” No one, not even made-up mythological creatures, is interested in stealing one half of your smelly socks. They’re also not interested in stealing loose change, numbers of hot chicks written on table napkins, or whatever else it is you put in your pocket. Chances are, you’re just forgetful.

Another advantage of vacuuming is you can find stuff you lost. You can find them in two ways: you can either vacuum every nook and cranny in your house (where small items usually end up in), or you can use the vacuum’s suction to magically pull them out of their hiding places. Since we mentioned Dyson, we think it’s worth mentioning that the brand uses a patented Root Cyclone™ technology, which means it has the highest suction among vacuum cleaners. Sock demons did not take the P100 you left in your jeans pocket. Your brother did.


Everybody loves a good rub… with a vacuum


3. They make great pet cleaners, too!

If you ever considered owning a vacuum, it’s likely that you also own a pet. While living with a pet is an awesome experience, it’s also a hassle if they are shedding. One surefire sign that you need a vacuum is when dog or cat hair explodes in the air when you sit on the couch. Brooms can’t get stray fur embedded in sofas and carpets, but vacuums can. And hey, if you’re feeling lazy to give your pet a shower, maybe you can vacuum him, too? 


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Vacuum cleaners can get rid of anything—we mean everything


2. It creates a healthier house

Going with the concept that vacuums suck dirt rather than push them around like confetti as a broom does, it follows that vacuums actually create a healthier house. It sucks airborne allergens and irritants that trigger asthma and sinusitis. Powerful vacuums of today can probably even suck your annoying sister or your wifi-stealing and videoke-singing neighbor? You’ll have to find out.


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You can even use vacuum cleaners as puns


1. You can use it anywhere!

Most people think that vacuum cleaners are for carpets, but the truth is, newer models and most vacuum cleaners can be used anywhere. You can use them on cement, wooden, or tile floors, or any surface that needs cleaning. A quick swish will save you the hassle of repetitively sweeping the same spot, or making sure all the dust go on the dustpan (#housewifeproblems). Can you use it as a deadly weapon? Maybe.


Vacuum cleaners have revolutionized home cleaning. As our gadgets have evolved, so should the tools we use to maintain the safety, happiness, and cleanliness in our homes. Filipinos need to adapt to this and get with the times. Pretty soon, vacuum cleaners will have selfie capabilities and wipe out the existence of brooms. Or maybe not. Look at Hogwarts, they use it to play sports. 



The Dyson DC34 has a digital motor that spins five times faster than a Formula 1 car engine


Dyson is available at the Dyson Concept Store in Century City Mall, Makati; Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La; Robinsons Appliance, Magnolia; SM Appliance Rockwell and Megamall; and Abenson Alabang. Whiteplanet Inc is the exclusive distributor of Dyson machines in the PhilippinesFor further information you can reach them at 09172711543 / 7226587 / 7274092 loc 123 (Monday – Friday) 9:00 – 5:30PM or atdysonservice@whiteplanetinc.com and www.dyson.ph


5 reasons why Filipinos need to vacuum more