5 Questions to Ask When It Comes to Your Career Path

Article by Sophia Teaño / Photos by Francesca Beatrice Sanchez


We all have different stories that have influenced or affected us, bringing us to where we are today. When it comes to work, however, some people do not have a forward-looking perspective. As such, Cherry Pie Calanoc has introduced Play + Work, a workshop that invites you to “reflect, realize, and resolve” the relationship between your passion and your career. In the workshop, we learned that there are 5 questions that we need to ask when it comes to our careers.

5 Questions to Ask When It Comes to Your Career Path

5. What do YOU want?

As cliché as it may sound, this is a very important question. When you start to take charge of your life, you need to figure out what you deem to be essential, so that you can figure out how you want to work on things and what you want to work on. In Play + Work, we were taught how to pinpoint our core values – the values that will help us sort out what we want for ourselves.



4. What is your circumstance?

When you hear people talk about dropping everything to have what they have now, it goes without saying that courage played a big part in their lives. However, courage isn’t synonymous to one thing. Since people grow up with different lives, they all have different values and different situations that will affect their decisions. It is therefore necessary that you assess your own circumstances, and see how you can work on them.

Ask yourself questions like “Why can’t I pursue this?” or “What makes it hard to say that I want to pursue something else?” This will help you analyze the situation, and eventually help you figure out the most effective steps for you.



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3. What can you do?

Once you understand the situation at hand, you need to put yourself in that situation. Once you are sure about what you want, you have to weigh between where you are and where you want to be. If you feel like you are being pulled back by something, figure out the pros and cons of getting out of it. While there are definitely practical reasons behind certain decisions, you shouldn’t forget that there are risks in losing your meaning because of external influences.

Basically, you need to take steps. Regardless of how small, these steps will help you figure out what you want. There will surely be discouraging moments along the way, but you will also realize bigger things throughout that journey.




2. Who knows about what you want?

Now that you’ve looked into your ambitions, ask for other people’s perspectives on the subject. It is vital to acknowledge that you’re still figuring things out, so look for people who are already in the situation that you want to be in and ask them about it.

What are the good things about it? What are the things you have to prepare for? What do you have to do to succeed? These questions will help you plan your path effectively, stay grounded, and rid yourself of romanticized expectations.



1. Where can you meet halfway?

If there are difficult things in your way, what can you do? This doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of your ambitions. On the contrary, it’s about creating spaces where you can work on your aspirations. The point is is that you continuously work on the things that you value.

Play + Work involves the idea of having a positive “sense of play” at work. The workshop will help you explore and uncover your values by clarifying the steps that you need to take to reach your goals.

This workshop was held last November 25, 2017, but there are plans for a second run on February 3, 2018, Saturday from 1 to 5pm. You may pre-register here.

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